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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Biomorphometric characteristics of different types of sensilla detected on the antennaof Helicoverpa armigera by scanning electron microscopy-
-Biosystematics of Gryllinae (Orthoptera : Gryllidae) from Taiwan楊正澤; Yang, Jeng-Tze-
-Field survey on spatial distribution, life history and feeding behavior of Tsudai stick insects, Megacrania tsudai Shiraki (Phasmatodea: Phasmidae), in TaiwanLiu, Heng-Jian; 劉恆鍵-
-Gall and colony size of gall-inducing social aphid Colophina clematis and its biologyChen, Bo-Fei; 陳伯飛-
-Genetic diversity on stick insect Megacrania tsudai (Phasmida: Phasmatidae)Chen, Yu-Yen; 陳攸雁-
-The morphology of the external male genitalia of Pentatomoidea (Insecta: Hemiptera)and its phylogenetic implications at family level蔡經甫; Tsai, Jing-Fu-
-Revision on the Genus Velarifictorus (Orthoptera: Gryllidae) from Taiwan廖一璋; Liao, Yi-Chang-
-Studing the Insect Resources of the Third Compartment of Hue-Sun Experimental Forest Station Using Yellow Sticky Papers楊正澤; Jeng-Tze Yang
-Taxonomy of Caeciliusetae and Homilopsocidea (Psocoptera:Psocomorpha) from Taiwan and Analysis on the Ecological Characters of Psocoptera詹美鈴; Chan, Mei-Ling-
-台中縣高美野生動物保護區鹽地鼠尾粟-雲林莞草植群昆蟲群聚之探討Wang, Hsin-Hao; 王心浩-
-台灣殼斗科植物癭之研究蘇姿櫻; Su, Tzu-Ying-
-台灣產菱蝗亞科(直翅目:菱蝗科)Tsai, Ming-Yu; 蔡明諭-
-台灣皮異屬(目:異科)Jian, Shih-Jye; 簡士傑-
-台灣草螽屬(直翅目:螽蟴科:草螽亞科)Huang, Jia-Yur; 黃家瑜-
-台灣黑蝗亞科(直翅目:蝗總科)Chen, De-Hao; 陳德浩-
-癭蚋蟲癭應用於台灣楨楠屬植物系統分類之研究楊淑燕; Yang, Sue-Yen-
-竹北蓮花寺濕地食蟲植物生育地之昆蟲資源張光宇; Kunag-Yu Chang
-臺灣產尖胸沫蟬科 (半翅目:沫蟬總科)之修訂Shih, Hsien-Tzung; 石憲宗-
-蘭陽溪與七家灣溪流域生態系模式之比較分析鄭佾展; Cheng, I-Chan-