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-Analysis of MITF expression and its downstream genes in lung cancerSung-Liang Yu; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Su-Chin Chiu; Hsang-Yu Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Analysis of NGF expression and its biological role in lung cancerSung-Liang Yu; Te-Jen Su; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Biologic effects of four VEGF isoforms on the in vivo vascular perfusion and morphology of tumor-associated angiogenesis in non-small cell lung cancer-evaluated by MRIAng Yuan; Chen Chang; Huei-Tsu Huang; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Kwen-Tay Luh; Yung-Chie Lee; Chong-Jen Yu; Pan-Chry Yang
-Cloning and characterization of the novel invasion suppressor HLJ1 enhancerChi-Chung Wang; Meng-Feng Tsai; Tse-Ming Hong; Ting-Haw Dai; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Cox-2 inhibitor, up-regulates CRMP1 expression through Sp1 and CEBPαShuenn-Chen Yang; Cheng-Chung Wu; Chiu-Wen Lin; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Tse-Ming Hong; Pan-Chyr Yang-
-Down-regulation of caveolin-1 decreases the invasive and migration capability in CL1-5 cellYin-Hsiu Lu; Chueh-Ling Kuo; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Yuh-Min Chen; Pan Chyr Yang; Chao-Chi Ho
-Expression of Microphthalamia-associated Transcription Factor (MITF) Suppresses Cancer Cell Invasion and Tumorigenesis in Lung CancerSung-Liang Yu; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Su-Chin Chiu; Hsuan-Yu Chen; Gee-Chen Chang; Pan-Chyr Yang
-(GIS International Convention Center:125-126)Genome-wide profiles of lung cancer metastasis-related genes(Symposium of the National Research Program for Genomic Medicine (III))Jeremy J.W. Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang; Meng-Feng Tsai; Chi-Chung Wang; Pei-Li Yao; Yi-Chen Lin; Hsang-Yu Chen; Chun-Houh Chen-
-HLJ1, a novel invasion/metastasis suppressor, regulates nucleophosmin translocation and functionTzu-Pei Chang; Sung-Liang Yu; Sheg-Yi Lin; Pan-Chyr Yang; Jeremy J.W. Chen
-Microarray-identified gene signature predicts outcome and metastasis of non-small cell lung cancer patientsHsuan-Yu Chen; Sung-Liang Yu; Chun-Houh Chen; Wei-Jen Chen; Gee-Chen Chang; Chih-Yi Chen; Pan-Chyr Yang; Jeremy J.W. Chen
-Overexpression of fourvegf isoforms induces different patterns of neovaculature, increases in vitro cancer cell invasionand tumorigenesis in non-small cell lung cancerHui-Tsu Huang; Ang Yuan; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Fu-Yuan Shih; Tzu-Hsing Kuo; Kwen-Tay Luh; Yung-Chie Lee; Chong-Jen Yu; Pan-Chyr Yang
-Regulation of gene expression and change of biologic characteristic in HUVEC after interaction with lung cancer cellsAng Yuan; Chun-Jen Wang; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Hsuan-Yu Chen; Kwen-Tay Luh; Yung-Chie Lee; Chong-Jen Yu; Pan-Chyr Yang
-The Regulation of IL-8 expression via Cancer Cell/Macrophage Co-Cultures in hepatocellular carcinomaYa-Chen Huang; Jeremy J.W. Chen; Pei-Li Yao; Hsuan-Shu Lee; Guan-Tam Huang; Pan-Chyr Yang-
-The study of functional role of protein phosphatase 1β in tumor progression of non-small cell lung carcinoma陳彥鈞; Yen-Chun Chen
-To Investigate the Roles of Four VEGF Isoforms in Non-small Cell Lung Cancer Angiogenesis施富元; Shih, Fu-Yuan-
-(Twelfth Symposium on Recent Advances in Cellular and Molecular Biology:100)Expression profiles and functional characterization of genes in macrophages interacted with non-small cell lung cancer cellsHui-Ju Hsu; Jeremy J.W. Chen-
-中草藥丹參有效成分對人類肺腺癌細胞株抑癌的影響佘慧芳; Sher, Hui-Fang-
-以核醣核酸干擾技術研究新的腫瘤/轉移抑制基因HLJ1的功能與特性莊雅玲; Angela-
-利用適應性遺傳演算法結合k最近鄰法於基因表現資料進行基因篩選與樣本分類之研究李建邦; Lee, Chien-Pang-