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-Analysis and Simulation of Live-Bed Pier Scour Evolutionin Steady and Unsteady Flow ConditionsHsun-Chuan Chan; Po-Wei Lin; Jhih -Syong Peng; Jian-Hao Hong; 詹勳全; 林柏瑋; 彭志雄; 洪健豪
-Experimental Study on Flows Induced Scour around Emergent Vegetation Zone with Different DensitiesChan, Hsun-Chuan; Huang, Yin-Tzu; Jhih -Syong Peng; 詹勳全; 黃胤慈; 彭志雄
-防潮閘門出口淤積成因調查分析Chih-Shang Wan; Jhih -Syong Peng; Chia -Chi Chang; Hsun-Chuan Chan; 萬志上; 彭志雄; 張嘉琪; 詹勳全