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-An Impact of Cognition、Affect and Conation on Consumer of Direct Experience and Advertising -A Case Study on the Brand Fruit in TaiwanWu, Hung-Che; 吳泓哲-
-The Analysis of Situational Influence on Consumer Behavior -- a Case Study on the Agricultural Display Center of National Chung-Hsing University鍾善美; Chung, San-Mei-
-The effects of price information for promotion strategy on product purchase intentionChu, Ling-Ya; 朱令雅-
-An impact of store image on consumer behaivor:a case study of the pork display center of Taiwan pig integrated management陳出震-
-The Influence of Online Word-of-Mouth on Consumer Purchase Decision-A Case of Mobile Phone陳玲誼; Chen, Ling-Yi-
-The Influences of Consumers'Attitude and Extension Fit on the Evaluation of Brand Extensions吳健彰; Wu, Chien-Chang-
-A Study of Consumer Behavior in Fans of Sport Team - The Application of Brand EquityCheng-Chia; 呂政家-
-The Study of Consumers'Behavior Intention in Participating Online Auction陳瑩霜; Chen, Ying-Shuang-
-A Study of Experiential Marketing on Shopping Street -The case of Ji-Guanh Shopping Street in Taichung CityPan, Chien-Ming; 潘建銘-
-The Study of Relationships among Price, Attribute Performance, Personal Values and Consumers' Post-Purchase Dissatisfaction吳俊朋; Wu, Chun-Peng-
-Taiwan Import Corn Optimun Hedging Ratio --The Application of the Mean-Gini Approach郭世美; Guo, She-Mei-
-八卦雜誌之消費者行為分析—以臺灣「壹週刊」為例Tsai, Shu-Hua; 蔡淑華-
-參考價格、涉入對消費者價格認知與資訊搜集之影響-化妝水之個案研究Pai, Ren-Haur; 白仁豪-
-台灣毛豬產銷預警指標之建立陳恆淑; Chen, Heng -Shu-
-含有瘦肉精之豬肉對消費者購買意圖之影響林素真; Lin, Sue-Jane-
-品牌權益對消費者偏好與資訊搜尋之影響-化妝水之個案研究鄭聖亭; Cheng, Sheng-Ting-
-品牌聯盟與成份品牌之關係楊明傑; Yang, Ming-Chieh-
-從體驗行銷的觀點探討商店街的服裝店與餐飲店-繼光街個案分析例張繼尹; Chang, Jui-Ying-
-網路商店屬性對顧客價值與忠誠度之影響Lai, Yi-Jun; 賴宜君-
-農產品網站之研究-態度理論與購買意向之應用許婉君; Hsu, Wan-Chun-