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-Characterizing early embryonic development of Brown Tsaiya Ducks (Anas platyrhynchos) in comparison with Taiwan Country Chicken (Gallus gallus domestics)Lumsangkul, Chompunut; Fan, Yang-Kwang; Chang, Shen-Chang; Ju, Jyh-Cherng; Chiang, Hsin-I; 江信毅-
-Expression and activation of mitogen-activated protein kinases in matured porcine oocytes under thermal stressYen, Shih-Ying; Tseng, Jung-Kai; Chuang, Show-Mei; Chen, Shuen-Ei; Ju, Jyh-Cherng-
-LIF and FGF Cooperatively Support Stemness of Rabbit Embryonic Stem Cells Derived from Parthenogenetically Activated EmbryosHsieh, Ya-Chen; Intawicha, Payungsuk; Lee, Kun-Hsiung; Chiu, Yung-Tsung; Lo, Neng-Wen; Ju, Jyh-Cherng-
-Sonic hedgehog supplementation of oocyte and embryo culture media enhances development of IVF porcine embryosNguyen, Ngoc Tan; Lo, Neng-Wen; Chuang, Sing-Ping; Jian, Ya-Lan; Ju, Jyh-Cherng-
-Trichostatin A and Ascorbic Acid Assist in the Development of Porcine Handmade Cloned Embryos via Different Physiologic PathwaysChawalit, Siriboon; Nguyen, Ngoc Tan; Tseng, Jung-Kai; Lo, Neng-Wen; Tu, Ching-Fu; Ju, Jyh-Cherng-