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Issue DateTitleAuthor(s)Text
-Ant colony optimization algorithm for fuzzy controller design and its FPGA implementationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Lu, C.M.; Lo, C.; Wang, C.Y.-
-Ant Colony Optimization Incorporated With Fuzzy Q-Learning for Reinforcement Fuzzy ControlJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Lu, C.M.-
-An automatic building approach to special Takagi-Sugeno fuzzy network for unknown plant modeling and stable controlJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰-
-Automatic construction of feedforward/recurrent fuzzy systems by clustering-aided simplex particle swarm optimizationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chung, I.F.; Hsu, C.H.-
-Birdsong recognition using prediction-based recurrent neural fuzzy networksJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chen, T.M.-
-Block histogram-based neural fuzzy approach to the segmentation of skin colorsJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Perng, H.S.; Chiu, S.H.-
-Combination of online clustering and Q-value based GA for reinforcement fuzzy system designJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰-
-Computer Vision-Based Human Body Segmentation and Posture EstimationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chang, C.M.; Wu, J.R.; Lee, D.M.-
-Designing Fuzzy-Rule-Based Systems Using Continuous Ant-Colony OptimizationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chang, P.H.-
-Dynamic programming prediction errors of recurrent neural fuzzy networks for speech recognitionJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Lai, C.L.; Tu, C.C.-
-Evolutionary fuzzy control of flexible AC transmission systemLu, C.F.; 莊家峰; Juang, C.F.-
-A fuzzified neural fuzzy inference network for handling both linguistic and numerical information simultaneouslyJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Lee, C.I.-
-Fuzzy C-means based support vector machine for channel equalisationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Hsieh, C.D.-
-A Fuzzy System Constructed by Rule Generation and Iterative Linear SVR for Antecedent and Consequent Parameter OptimizationJuang, C.F.; Hsieh, C.D.-
-Fuzzy system learned through fuzzy clustering and support vector machine for human skin color segmentationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chiu, S.H.; Shiu, S.J.-
-Fuzzy system-based real-time face tracking in a multi-subject environment with a pan-tilt-zoom cameraJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chang, S.W.-
-Fuzzy systems design by clustering-aided ant colony optimization for plant controlJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Lo, C.-
-Genetic recurrent fuzzy system by coevolutionary computation with divide-and-conquer techniqueJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰-
-Hierarchical Cluster-Based Multispecies Particle-Swarm Optimization for Fuzzy-System OptimizationJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Hsiao, C.M.; Hsu, C.H.-
-Hierarchical singleton-type recurrent neural fuzzy networks for noisy speech recognitionJuang, C.F.; 莊家峰; Chiou, C.T.; Lai, C.L.-