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-Comparative proteomic profiling of human lung adenocarcinoma cells (CL 1-0) expressing miR-372Lai, J.H.; She, T.F.; Juang, Y.M.; Tsay, Y.G.; Huang, A.H.; Yu, S.L.; Chen, J.J.W.; Lai, C.C.-
-A novel approach for quantitative peptides analysis by selected electron transfer reaction monitoringWei, B.Y.; 賴建成; Juang, Y.M.; Lai, C.C.-
-Proteomic analysis of chondrocytes exposed to pressureJuang, Y.M.; 賴建成; Lee, C.Y.; Hsu, W.Y.; Lin, C.T.; Lai, C.C.; Tsai, F.J.-