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-A comparison of annealing process and nucleating agent (zinc phenylphosphonate) on the crystallization, viscoelasticity, and creep behavior of compression-molded poly(lactic acid) blendsJyh-Horng Wu; Tzong-Ming Wu; Teng-Chun Yang; Ke-Chang Hung; Tung-Lin Wu
-Assessing the Effect of Wood Acetylation on Mechanical Properties and Extended Creep Behavior of Wood/recycled-Polypropylene CompositesKe-Chang Hung; Tung-Lin Wu; Yong-Long Chen; Jyh-Horng Wu; 吳志鴻
-Baicalein Triggers Mitochondria-Mediated Apoptosis and Enhances the Antileukemic Effect of Vincristine in Childhood Acute Lymphoblastic Leukemia CCRF-CEM Cells
-Characteristics and thermal decomposition kinetics of wood-SiO2 composites derived by the sol-gel processKe-Chang Hung; Jyh-Horng Wu
-Characterization of Wood-Plastic Composites Made with Different Lignocellulosic Materials that Vary in Their Morphology, Chemical Composition and Thermal StabilityKe-Chang Hung; Heng Yeh; Teng-Chun Yang; Tung-Lin Wu; Jin-Wei Xu; Jyh-Horng Wu; 吳志鴻
-Comparison of physical and thermal properties of various wood-inorganic composites (WICs) derived by the sol-gel process吳志鴻; Jyh-Horng Wu; Ke-Chang Hung
-Comparisons and Characteristics of Slicewood Acetylation with Acetic Anhydride by Liquid Phase, Microwave, and Vapor Phase ReactionsChen-Ning Yang; Ke-Chang Hung; Tung-Lin Wu; Teng-Chun Yang; Yong-Long Chen; Jyh-Horng Wu
-Development of Real-Time Monitoring System for Multi-Hazard BridgeYung-Bin Lin; Kuo-Chun Chang; Yu-Chi Sung; Meng-Huang Gu; Bo-Han Lee; Jyh-Horng Wu; Lun-Chi Chen; Chun-Ming Huang; Chih-Chyau Yang; Chien-Ming Wu; 林詠彬; 張國鎮; 宋裕祺; 古孟晃; 李柏翰; 吳志泓; 陳倫奇; 黃俊銘; 楊智喬; 吳建明
-Effect of Titanium Dioxide Particles on the Surface Morphology and the Mechanical Properties of PVC Composites During QUV Accelerated WeatheringTeng-Chun Yang; Takafumi Noguchi; Minoru Isshiki; Jyh-Horng Wu; 吳志鴻
-Effects of a layered structure on the physicomechanical properties and extended creep behavior of bamboopolypropylene composites (BPCs) determined by the stepped isostress methodChin-Yin Hsu; Teng-Chun Yang; Tung-Lin Wu; Ke-Chang Hung; 吳志鴻; Jyh-Horng Wu
-Effects of heat treatment on the chemical compositions and thermal decomposition kinetics of Japanese cedar and beech woodYi-Chi Chien; Teng-Chun Yang; Ke-Chang Hung; Cheng-Chun Li; Jin-Wei Xu; Jyh-Horng Wu; 吳志鴻
-Effects of maleated polypropylene content on the extended creep behavior of wood‒polypropylene composites using the stepped isothermal method and the stepped isostress methodChung-Wei Huang; Teng-Chun Yang; Tung-Lin Wu; Ke-Chang Hung; Jyh-Horng Wu; 吳志鴻-
-Immune-regulatory activity of methanolic extract of Acacia confusa heartwood and melanoxetin isolated from the extractJyh-Horng Wu; Shang-Tse Ho; Yu-Tang Tung; Yu-Jung Wu; Chi-Chen Lin
-The influence of hot-press temperature andcooling rate on thermal and physicomechanicalproperties of bamboo particle-polylactic acidcomposites-
-Mechanical properties and extended creep behavior of bamboo fiber reinforced recycled poly(lactic acid) composites using the time–temperature superposition principleJyh-Horng Wu; Yong-Long Chen; Ke-Chang Hung; Teng-Chun Yang; Tung-Lin Wu
-The influence of bamboo fiber content on the non-isothermal crystallization kinetics of bamboo fiber-reinforced polypropylene composites (BPCs)Chin-Yin Hsu; Teng-Chun Yang; Tung-Lin Wu; Ke-Chang Hung; Jyh-Horng Wu; 吳志鴻
-乙醯化竹纖維之熱分解動力學及其對聚丙烯結晶行為之影響朱羽珊; Yu-Shan Jhu
-太空包木質廢棄物在生物複合材及木材保存藥劑之應用陳永龍; Chen, Yong-Long-
-耦合劑及熱處理對木材塑膠複合材物理機械、潛變及結晶動力學性質之影響黃仲偉; Chung-Wei Huang
-臺灣產忍冬屬植物生物活性探索楊鎮瑋; Yang, Chen-Wei-