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-Direct visualization of the quadruplex structures in human chromosome using FRET: Application of quadruplex stabilizer and duplex-binding fluorophore-
-Efficiency improvement of dye-sensitized solar cells by in situ fluorescence resonance energy transferYu-Jie Lin; Jyun-Wei Chen; Po-Tsung Hsiao; Yung-Liang Tung; Cheng-Chung Chang; 陳志銘; Chih-Ming Chen
-Manipulation of light harvesting for efficient dye-sensitized solar cell by doping an ultraviolet light-capturing fluorophoreYu-Jie Lin; Cheng-Chung Chang; Sheng-Jye Cherng; Jyun-Wei Chen; Chih-Ming Chen-
-Warning Model for Predicting the Risk Zones of Rainfall-Induced Slopeland DisastersChen-Yu Chen; Jyun-Wei Chen; Kuo-Wei Chen; Yung-Chiau Lin; 陳振宇; 陳均維; 陳國威; 林詠喬
-應用於細胞研究的新型聚集誘導螢光發光團陳俊瑋; Jyun-Wei Chen