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-(2002 International Conference on Information Security:p082-p088)A Credit Card-based Mobile Payment SystemK. F. Hwang; I. C. Lin; C. C. Chang-
-(Informatica,11(1):001-004)Cryptanalysis of The Batch Verifying Multiple RSA Digital SignaturesM. S. Hwang; K. F. Hwang; I. C. Lin
-(International Journal of Computational and Numerical Analysis and Applications,03(1):001-007)Security enhancement for a modified authenticated key agreement protocolC. C. Chang; K. F. Hwang; I. C. Lin-
-應用Guelph 滲透計試驗推求飽和水力傳導度K. F. Hwang; 黃國鋒; Y. H. Deng; S. P. Tsao; C. L. Hsu; J. L. Yeh; J. D. Cheng; 鄧英慧; 曹舜評; 許中立; 葉正霖; 鄭皆達