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-Exchange bias study of sub-100 nm-diameter CoFeB/IrMn antidot and nanodot arrays fabricated by nanosphere lithographyX. Li; C.W. Leung; C.-C. Chiu; 林克偉; K.-W. Lin; Mansun Chan; Y. Zhou; Philip W.T. Pong
-Modifying exchange bias effects of Mn/NiFe bilayers by in-situ Ar+ bombardmentG.L. Causer; P.K. Manna; C.-C. Chiu; J. van Lierop; M. Ionescu; 林克偉; K.-W. Lin; F. Klose
-Modulated exchange bias in NiFe/CoO/α-Fe2O3 trilayers and NiFe/CoO bilayersX. Li; 林克偉; K.-W. Lin; W.-C. Yeh; R.D. Desautels; J. van Lierop; Philip W.T. Pong
-Surface engineering with Ar+/O-2(+) ion beam bombardment: Tuning the electronic and magnetic behavior of Ni80Fe20/La0.7Sr0.3MnO3/SrTiO3(001) junctionsI. Bergenti; P. K. Manna; C.-H. Lin; P. Graziosi; X. Liu; G. L. Causer; F. Liscio; A. Ruotolo; V. A. Dediu; J. van Lierop; F. Klose; K.-W. Lin; 林克偉
-The effects of interfacial interactions between Fe-O and Fe-Si induced by ion-beam bombardment on the magnetic properties of Si-oxide/Fe bilayersX. Li; K.-W. Lin; H.-T. Liang; H.-F. Hsu; N.G. Galkin; Y. Wroczynskyj; J. van Lierop; P.W.T. Pong
-Using different Mn-oxides to influence the magnetic anisotropy of FePt in bilayers with little change of the exchange bias field-
-鉻鉑底層對鐵鉑薄膜磁性與微結構之研究林怡君; Y.J.Lin-