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-Application of UAV imagery to analyze Phoenix Valley landslide and landslide damMing-Der Yang; Kai-Siang Huang; Chih-Fan Chao; 楊明德; 黃凱翔; 趙智凡
-Establishment of a 3D On-site Model of Landslide Dam Using UAV Images楊明德; 陳韋廷; 黃凱翔; Ming-Der Yang; Wei-Ting Chen; Kai-Siang Huang
-Image-based 3D scene reconstruction and exploration in augmented reality-
-Spatial and Spectral Hybrid Image Classification for Rice Lodging Assessment through UAV ImageryMing-Der Yang; Kai-Siang Huang; Yi-Hsuan Kuo; 蔡慧萍; Hui Ping Tsai; Liang-Mao Lin-
-Timely and Quantitative Damage Assessment of Oyster Racks Using UAV ImagesMing-Der Yang; Kai-Siang Huang; Jin Wan; Hui Ping Tsai; Liang-Mao Lin; 蔡慧萍