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-(Lipids, 34:649-659)Cloning of Δ12- and Δ6-desaturases from Mortierella alpina and recombinant production of γ linolenic acid in Saccharomyces cerevisiaeHuang, Y.-S.; Chaudhary, S.; Thurmond, J.M.; Bobik, E.G. Jr; Yuan, L.; Chan, G.M.; Kirchner, S.; Mukerji, P.; Knutzon, D.
-(Mol. Cell. Biochem., 219:007-011)Expression of fungal desaturase genes in cultured mammalian cellsKelder, B.; Mukerji, P.; Kirchner, S.; Hovanec, G.; Leonard, A.E.; Chuang, L.-T.; Kopchick, J.J.; Huang, Y.-S.