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-Arabidopsis ENDO2: Its Catalytic Role and Requirement of N-Glycosylation for FunctionKo, C.Y.; Lai, Y.L.; Liu, W.Y.; Lin, C.H.; Chen, Y.T.; Chen, L.F.O.; Lin, T.Y.; Shaw, J.F.-
-Expression of capsid proteins and non-structural proteins of waterfowl parvoviruses in Escherichia coli and their use in serological assaysWang, C.Y.; Shieh, H.K.; Shien, J.H.; Ko, C.Y.; Chang, P.C.-
-HDAC1/HDAC3 modulates PPARG2 transcription through the sumoylated CEBPD in hepatic lipogenesisLai, P.H.; 楊文明; Wang, W.L.; Ko, C.Y.; Lee, Y.C.; Yang, W.M.; Shen, T.W.; Chang, W.C.; Wang, J.M.-
-In Vitro Regeneration of Cephalotus follicularisKo, C.Y.; 蕭介夫; Lin, T.Y.; Ho, C.W.; Shaw, J.F.-