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-Activity and characterization of secondary metabolites produced by a new microorganism for control of plant diseasesKo, W.H.; Tsou, Y.J.; Lin, M.J.; Chern, L.L.-
-Aquaperonospora taiwanensis gen. et sp nov in Peronophythoraceae of PeronosporalesKo, W.H.; Lin, M.J.; Hu, C.Y.; Ann, P.J.-
-Characterization of a fungistatic substance produced by Aspergillus flavus isolated from soil and its significance in natureChen, Y.T.; Lin, M.J.; Yang, C.H.; Ko, W.H.-
-Control of lethal browning of tissue culture plantlets of Cavendish banana cv. Formosana with ascorbic acidKo, W.H.; Su, C.C.; Chen, C.L.; Chao, C.P.-
-Control of Silverleaf Whitefly, Cotton Aphid and Kanzawa Spider Mite with Oil and Extracts from Seeds of Sugar AppleLin, C.Y.; Wu, D.C.; Yu, J.Z.; Chen, B.H.; Wang, C.L.; Ko, W.H.-
-Development of artificial conidia for ecological studies of Rhizoctonia solani in soilLiu, T.H.; Lin, M.J.; Ko, W.H.-
-Effect of Chinese herb extracts on spore germination of Oidium murrayae and nature of inhibitory substance from Chinese rhubarbChu, Y.L.; 柯文雄; Ho, W.C.; Ko, W.H.-
-Effect of extracts of Chinese medicinal herbs on spore germination of Altemaria brassicicola, and nature ofan inhibitory substance from gallnuts of Chinese sumac (Rhus chinensis)Ho, W.C.; Su, H.J.; Li, J.W.; Ko, W.H.-
-Effect of oriental medicinal plant extracts on spore germination of Alternaria brassicicola and nature of inhibitory substances from speedweedHo, W.C.; Wu, T.Y.; Su, H.J.; Ko, W.H.-
-Evaluation of the rearrangement of taxonomic position of Peronophythora litchii based on partial DNA sequencesZhang, Z.G.; Zheng, X.B.; Wang, Y.C.; Ko, W.H.-
-Factors affecting protoplast formation by Rhizoctonia solaniLiu, T.H.; Lin, M.J.; Ko, W.H.-
-Hormonal regulation of sexual reproduction in PhytophthoraKo, W.H.-
-Humicola phialophoroides sp nov from soil with potential for biological control of plant diseasesKo, W.H.; Yang, C.H.; Lin, M.J.; Chen, C.Y.; Tsou, Y.J.-
-Nature of slow and quick decline of macadamia treesKo, W.H.-
-Occurrence of isolates of Phytophthora colocasiae in Taiwan with homothallic behavior and its significanceLin, M.J.; Ko, W.H.-
-The possible origin and relation of Phytophthora katsurae and P-heveae, discovered in a protected natural forest in TaiwanKo, W.H.; 柯文雄; Wang, S.Y.; Ann, P.J.-
-Production of a Fungistatic Substance by Pseudallescheria boydii Isolated from Soil Amended with Vegetable Tissues and Its SignificanceKo, W.H.; 柯文雄; Tsou, Y.J.; Ju, Y.M.; Hsieh, H.M.; Ann, P.J.-
-Reevaluation of the report of the A2 mating type of Phytophthora infestans on tomato in TaiwanAnn, P.J.; Tsai, J.N.; Wang, T.C.; Chen, C.H.; Lin, M.J.; Ko, W.H.-
-Severe decline of wax apple trees caused by Fusarium solani in northern TaiwanWang, P.H.; Chen, Y.S.; Lin, M.J.; Tsou, Y.J.; Ko, W.H.-