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-Effect of a direct fed microbial (PrimaLac (R)) on systemic immunity in developing broilersChiang, C.C.; Qiu, R.; Croom, J.; Daniel, L.; Ali, R.; Koci, M.-
-Effect of a direct fed microbial on oxidative stress in the ileal and cecal epithelia of broilersQiu, R.; Ojano-Dirain, C.; Bottje, W.G.; Chiang, C.; Chichlowski, M.; Croom, J.; Daniel, L.; Koci, M.-
-Effect of genotype on whole-body and intestinal metabolic response to monensin in miceFan, Y.K.; Croom, W.J.; Daniel, L.; McBride, B.W.; Koci, M.; Havenstein, G.B.; Eisen, E.J.-