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-Colony-founding success of pleometrosis in a fungus-growing termite Odontotermes formosanusChun-I Chiu; Kok-Boon Neoh; Hou-Feng Li; 李後鋒-
-Developmental Irregularity and Abnormal Elytra Formation in the Oriental Wood Borer Induced by Physical DisturbanceLee-Jin Bong; Kok-Boon Neoh; 梁國汶; Tsuyoshi Yoshimura
-Intermediate disturbance promotes termite functional diversity in intensively managed Vietnamese coffee agroecosystemsKok-Boon Neoh; 梁國汶; My Thi Nguyen; Vuong Tan Nguyen; Masayuki Itoh; Osamu Kozan; Tsuyoshi Yoshimura-