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-A magnetic fluid based on covalent-bonded nanoparticle organic hybrid materials (NOHMs) and its decolorization application in waterKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hongta Yang; Wei-Der Lee; Kuan-Yi Tsao-
-A zeolitic imidazole framework (ZIF)-sponge composite prepared via a surfactant-assisted dip-coating methodKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hsuan-Ang Chang-
-Bifunctional ZIF-78 heterogeneous catalyst with dual Lewis acidic and basic sites for carbon dioxide fixation via cyclic carbonate synthesisYi-Feng Lin; Kai-Wei Huang; Bao-Tsan Ko; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin
-Bromate reduction in water by catalytic hydrogenation using metal–organic frameworks and sodium borohydrideKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Shen-Yi Chen-
-Catalytic Reduction of Bromate Using ZIF-Derived Nanoscale Cobalt/Carbon Cages in the Presence of Sodium BorohydrideKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Shen-Yi Chen
-Coordination polymer-derived cobalt nanoparticle-embedded carbon nanocomposite as a magnetic multi-functional catalyst for energy generation and biomass conversionHong-Kai Lai; Yu-Zhi Chou; Meng-Han Lee; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; 林坤儀
-Copper-based metal organic framework (MOF), HKUST-1, as an efficient adsorbent to remove p-nitrophenol from waterKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Yu-Tsung Hsieh
-Dual-functionalized cellulose nanofibrils prepared through TEMPO-mediated oxidation and surface-initiated ATRPChih-Feng Huang; Jem-Kun Chen; Tzung-Yung Tsai; Ya-An Hsieh; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin
-Efficient Adsorptive Removal of Humic Acid from Water Using Zeolitic Imidazole Framework-8 (ZIF-8)Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hsuan-Ang Chang-
-Enhanced removal of diclofenac from water using a zeolitic imidazole framework functionalized with cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB)Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hongta Yang; Wei-Der Lee
-Enhanced Removal of Oil Droplets from Oil-in-Water Emulsions Using Polyethylenimine-Modified Rice HuskKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Shen-Yi Chen-
-Iron-based metal organic framework, MIL-88A, as a heterogeneous persulfate catalyst for decolorization of Rhodamine B in waterKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hsuan-Ang Chang; Chung-Jun Hsu-
-Macroporous photonic crystal-based anti-ultraviolet and anti-near-infrared materials by doctor blade coatingChang-Yun Cai; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; Ying-Chu Chen; Hongta Yang; 楊宏達-
-Macrosphere-supported nanoscale Prussian blue analogues prepared via self-assembly as multi-functional heterogeneous catalysts for aqueous oxidative and reductive reactionsChang-Hsun Wu; Yi-Ting Chiu; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin
-Magnetic cobalt-graphene nanocomposite derived from self-assembly of MOFs with graphene oxide as an activator for peroxymonosulfateKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Fu-Kong Hsu; Wei-Der Lee
-Magnetic cobaltic nanoparticle-anchored carbon nanocomposite derived from cobalt-dipicolinic acid coordination polymer: An enhanced catalyst for environmental oxidative and reductive reactionsChang-Hsun Wu; Jyun-Ting Lin; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; 林坤儀
-Magnetic iron/carbon nanorods derived from a metal organic framework as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst for the chemical oxidation process in waterKun-Yi Andrew Lin; Fu-Kong Hsu
-Nitrogen, phosphorus, and sulfur tri-doped hollow carbon shells derived from ZIF-67@poly (cyclotriphosphazene-co-4, 4′-sulfonyldiphenol) as a robust catalyst of peroxymonosulfate activation for degradation of bisphenol AWenjie Ma; Na Wang; Tianze Tong; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; 林坤儀; Xijiang Han; Yunchen Du
-Oxygen vacancy of CeO2 improved efficiency of H2O2/O3 for the degradation of acetic acid in acidic solutionsYalei Ding; Jiejie Wang; Shanshan Xu; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; 林坤儀; Shaoping Tong
-Photovoltaic performance of a N719 dye based dye-sensitized solar cell with transparent macroporous anti-ultraviolet photonic crystal coatingsChang-Yun Cai; Sheng-Kai Tseng; Meng Kuo; Kun-Yi Andrew Lin; Hongta Yang; Rong-Ho Lee