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-Catalytic upgrading of syngas from fluidized bed air gasification of sawdustHuang, Bing-Shun; Chen, Hsin-Yi; Kuo, Jia-Hong; Chang, Chu-Hsuan; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Effect of agglomeration/defluidization on hydrogen generation during fluidized bed air gasification of modified biomassKuo, Jia-Hong; Lin, Chiou-Liang; Weya, Ming-Yen-
-Effect of particle agglomeration on heavy metals adsorption by Al- and Ca-based sorbents during fluidized bed incinerationKuo, Jia-Hong; Lin, Chiou-Liang; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-Emission of carbon dioxide in municipal solid waste incineration in Taiwan: A comparison with thermal power plantsKuo, Jia-Hong; Lin, Chiou-Liang; Chen, Jyh-Cherng; Tseng, Hui-Hsin; Wey, Ming-Yen-
-去流體化行為於能源/資源回收過程之影響研究郭家宏; Kuo, Jia-Hong-