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-The Critical Success Factors on a Firm's Transformation of Servitization: A Case Study on Medical Equipment Agency.Chen, Shih-Ting; 陳詩婷-
-The Impact of Social Capital and Relationship Tension on relationship Performance - Environmental Uncertainty as Moderator張子建; Chang, Tzu-Chien-
-The Impacts of Cognitive Transfer Barriers and Inertia on Consumer Switch Intension in Telecommunication Services in Taiwan: Zero Promotion as a ModeratorShiu, Wei-Ting; 許瑋婷-
-The Influence of Interfirm Network Structure, Knowledge distance and Organizational Culture on a Firm's Servitization and Performance: A Study on Manufacturing Industry in Taiwan.Shih, Tai-Chih; 施泰誌-
-The Influences of Industrial Network and Resource Commitment, on a Firm's Collaboration Activity and its Performance: A Study on Taiwan Center-Satellite Factory System杜昇達; Du, Sheng-Da-
-The Influential Factors of Servicing Bank Selection for Internationalized Firms in Overseas Market: Switch Intension of Taiwan Firms in Mainland China after the Open Policy in Financial Sector黃思瑜; Huang, Szu-Yu-
-Participation Motivation, Organizational Commitment, and Job Satisfaction for Soil and Water Conservation VolunteersYa-Ling Chen; Hsun-Chuan Chan; Yan-Ling Wu; Yu-Hui Lin; Yung-Chuan Ko; Kuo-Feng Huang; 陳雅鈴; 詹勳全; 吳延陵; 林侑輝; 柯勇全; 黃國鋒
-以特徵為基礎之斷裂物件輪廓連結器席正平; Hsi, Cheng-Ping-
-國際創業導向與網絡關係對知識能力提升及國際化速度之影響姜韋伶; Jiang, Wei-Ling-
-安全監控產業通路商與製造商的競爭與合作: 察覺-動機-能耐觀點謝雅玲; Hsieh, Ya-Ling-
-定期海運業之核心能耐及其管理機會方格之建構張又華; Chang, Yu-Hua-
-廠商多通路策略對消費者購買決策之影響- 以熟齡市場為例陳柏聿; Chen, Po-Yu-
-影響傳統出版業者與數位出版業者合作意願之因素探討張秋雄; Chang, Chiu-Hsiung-
-消費者對於使用位置服務意圖模式之建構:整合科技接受模式觀點劉欣容; Liou, Shin-Rong-
-百喜草植生覆蓋對坡地生態環境特性影響之探討林俐玲; Li-Ling Lin; 林俐玲; 黃國鋒; 黃國鋒; Kuo-Feng Huang; Li-Ling Lin; Kuo-Feng Huang
-臺灣捷運系統經營成本分析-以臺北與高雄捷運公司為例Kuo-Feng Huang; 黃國峰
-貿易商治理機制與績效關係之研究 - 貿易商與製造商競合關係之干擾效果黃郁喬; Huang, Yu-Chiao-
-雙元競合關係如何運作? —貿易公司的觀點李佩芳; Lee, Pei-Fang-
-雲端行動商務安全之研究江小琪; Chiang, Hsiao-Chi