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-(Applied Physics Letters, 57:2130-2132)Novel superlattice in a selectively-doped wide parabolic well with a modulated potentialJ. Jo; M.B. Santos; M. Shayegan; Y.W. Suen; L.W. Engel; A-M. Lanzillotto
-(Journal of Vacuum Science and Technology B, 87:388-390)MBE growth of high-quality two-dimensional electron systemM. Shayegan; L.W. Engel; V.J. Goldman; M.B. Santos; Y.W. Suen; T. Sajoto
-(Physical Review B, 41:8449-8460)Fractional quantum Hall effect in very low density GaAs/AlGaAs HeterostructuresT. Sajoto; Y.W. Suen; L.W. Engel; M.B. Santos; M. Shayegan
-(Physical Review B, 44(Rapid Communications):5947-5950)Missing integral quantum Hall effect in a wide single quantum wellY.W. Suen; J. Jo; M. Santos; L.W. Engel; S.W. Hwang; M. Shayegan
-(Physical Review B, 46:13639-13642)Effect of Landau-level mixing on quantum-liquid and solid states of two-dimensional hole systemsM.B. Santos; J Jo; Y.W. Suen; L.W. Engel; M. Shayegan
-(Physical Review B, 46:9776-9979)Quantum Hall effect in a triple-layer electron systemJ. Jo; Y.W. Suen; M. Santos; L.W. Engel; M. Shayegan
-(Physical Review Letters, 68:1188-1191)Observation of a reentrant insulating phase near the 1/3 fractional quantum Hall liquid in two-dimensional hole systemM.B. Santos; Y.W. Suen; M. Shayegan; Y.P. Li; L.W. Engel; D.C. Tsui
-(Physical Review Letters, 68:1379-1382)Observation of a v=1/2 fractional quantum Hall state in a double layer electron systemY.W. Suen; L.W. Engel; M.B. Santos; M. Shyegan; D.C. Tsui
-(Proceedings of the 21th International Conference on the Physics of Semiconductors:935-938)Observaton of =1/2 and 1/3 fractional quantum Hall states in a double layer electron systemY.W. Suen; L.W. Engel; M.B. Santos; M. Shayegan; D. C. Tsui-
-(Surface Science, 263:152)Magnetotransport properties of double-layer systems in single wide quantum wellsY.W. Suen; J. Jo; M.B. Santos; L.W. Engel; M. Shayegan-