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-Calcium/calmodulin-dependent kinase II mediates NO-elicited PKG activation to participate in spinal reflex potentiation in anesthetized ratsChen, G.D.; 董光中; Peng, M.L.; Wang, P.Y.; Lee, S.D.; Chang, H.M.; Pan, S.F.; Chen, M.J.; Tung, K.C.; Lai, C.Y.; Lin, T.B.-
-Colon mustard oil instillation induced cross-organ reflex sensitization on the pelvic-urethra reflex activity in ratsPeng, H.Y.; 董光中; Chen, G.D.; Tung, K.C.; Lai, C.Y.; Hsien, M.C.; Chiu, C.H.; Lu, H.T.; Liao, J.M.; Lee, S.D.; Lin, T.B.-
-Comprehensive study of the Raman shifts of strained silicon and germaniumPeng, C.Y.; 張書通; Huang, C.F.; Fu, Y.C.; Yang, Y.H.; Lai, C.Y.; Chang, S.T.; Liu, C.W.-
-Cyclophosphamide induces NR2B phosphorylation-dependent facilitation on spinal reflex potentiationChang, C.H.; Peng, H.Y.; Wu, H.C.; Lai, C.Y.; Hsieh, M.C.; Lin, T.B.-
-Designed polar cosolvent-modified Supercritical CO2 removing caffeine from and retaining catechins in green tea powder using response surface methodologyHuang, K.J.; 張傑明; Wu, J.J.; Chiu, Y.H.; Lai, C.Y.; Chang, C.M.J.-
-EphrinB2 induces pelvic-urethra reflex potentiation via Src kinase-dependent tyrosine phosphorylation of NR2BWu, H.C.; Chang, C.H.; Peng, H.Y.; Chen, G.D.; Lai, C.Y.; Hsieh, M.C.; Lin, T.B.-
-Estrogen-dependent facilitation on spinal reflex potentiation involves the Cdk5/ERK1/2/NR2B cascade in anesthetized ratsPeng, H.Y.; 董光中; Chen, G.D.; Tung, K.C.; Chien, Y.W.; Lai, C.Y.; Hsieh, M.C.; Chiu, C.H.; Lai, C.H.; Lee, S.D.; Lin, T.B.-
-Estrous cycle variation of TRPV1-mediated cross-organ sensitization between uterus and NMDA-dependent pelvic-urethra reflex activityPeng, H.Y.; 董光中; Huang, P.C.; Liao, J.M.; Tung, K.C.; Lee, S.D.; Cheng, C.L.; Shyu, J.C.; Lai, C.Y.; Chen, G.D.; Lin, T.B.-
-Glial activation involvement in neuronal death by Japanese encephalitis virus infectionChen, C.J.; Ou, Y.C.; Lin, S.Y.; Raung, S.L.; Liao, S.L.; Lai, C.Y.; Chen, S.Y.; Chen, J.H.-
-Induction of protective immunity in swine by recombinant bamboo mosaic virus expressing foot-and-mouth disease virus epitopesYang, C.D.; 徐堯煇; Liao, J.T.; Lai, C.Y.; Jong, M.H.; Liang, C.M.; Lin, Y.L.; Lin, N.S.; Hsu, Y.H.; Liang, S.M.-
-Inhibition of nitric oxide production by quercetin in endotoxin/cytokine-stimulated microgliaKao, T.K.; Ou, Y.C.; Raung, S.L.; Lai, C.Y.; Liao, S.L.; Chen, C.J.-
-Interactions of Chaperonin with a Weakly Active Anthranilate Synthase from the Aphid Endosymbiont Buchnera aphidicolaHuang, C.Y.; 郭美華; Lee, C.Y.; Wu, H.C.; Kuo, M.H.; Lai, C.Y.-
-Luteolin inhibits cytokine expression in endotoxin/cytokine-stimulated microgliaKao, T.K.; Ou, Y.C.; Lin, S.Y.; Pan, H.C.; Song, P.J.; Raung, S.L.; Lai, C.Y.; Liao, S.L.; Lu, H.C.; Chen, C.J.-
-Microbial community analysis in the termite gut and fungus comb of Odontotermes formosanus: the implication of Bacillus as mutualistsMathew, G.M.; Ju, Y.M.; Lai, C.Y.; Mathew, D.C.; Huang, C.C.-
-Molecular recognition by acetylcholinesterase at the peripheral anionic site: Structure-activity relationships for inhibitions by aryl carbamatesLin, G.L.; Lai, C.Y.; Liao, W.C.-
-A multiresidue method for the determination of abamectin, doramectin, moxidectin, ivermectin, milbemectin A(3), and milbemectin A(4) residues in bovine muscle using HPLC with fluorescence detectionChou, H.K.; 顏國欽; Lai, C.Y.; Chen, T.H.; Yen, G.C.-
-Neuroactive steroids inhibit spinal reflex potentiation by selectively enhancing specific spinal GABA(A) receptor subtypesPeng, H.Y.; 董光中; Chen, G.D.; Lee, S.D.; Lai, C.Y.; Chiu, C.H.; Cheng, C.L.; Chang, Y.S.; Hsieh, M.C.; Tung, K.C.; Lin, T.B.-
-Orexin-A modulates glutamatergic NMDA-dependent spinal reflex potentiation via inhibition of NR2B subunitPeng, H.Y.; 董光中; Chang, H.M.; Chang, S.Y.; Tung, K.C.; Lee, S.D.; Chou, D.; Lai, C.Y.; Chiu, C.H.; Chen, G.D.; Lin, T.B.-
-PI3K modulates estrogen-dependent facilitation of colon-to-urethra cross-organ reflex sensitization in ovariectomized female ratsPeng, H.Y.; Chen, G.D.; Lai, C.Y.; Hsieh, M.C.; Hsu, H.H.; Wu, H.C.; Lin, T.B.-