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-Amendments of Activated Carbon and Biosolid on the Growth and Cadmium Uptake of Soybean Grown in Potted Cd-Contaminated SoilsChen, H.L.; Lu, C.J.; Lai, H.Y.-
-Effect of Biosolids and Cd/Pb Interaction on the Growth and Cd Accumulation of Brassica rapa Grown in Cd-Contaminated SoilsChen, H.L.; Lai, H.Y.; Wang, S.M.; Kuo, Y.C.; Lu, C.J.-
-Effects of Sludge and pH Adjustment on Cd Speciation in Soil and Growth and Cd Accumulation in Pak ChoiLu, C.J.; Chiu, Y.L.; Chen, H.L.; Lai, H.Y.-
-Energy hierarchy and urban landscape systemHuang, S.L.; Lai, H.Y.; Lee, C.L.-
-Growth and characterization of epitaxial ZnO nanowall networks using metal organic chemical vapor depositionWu, C.C.; 洪瑞華; Wuu, D.S.; Chen, T.N.; Yu, T.E.; Lin, P.R.; Horng, R.H.; Lai, H.Y.; 武東星-
-Reliability of solid phase microextraction in estimating bioavailability of pyrene in soilLiu, H.C.; Hwu, C.S.; Hung, J.M.; Lai, H.Y.; Chang, H.Y.; Lu, C.J.-