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-Antagonistic activity against Salmonella infection in vitro and in vivo for two Lactobacillus strains from swine and poultryTsai, C.C.; 余 碧; Hsih, H.Y.; Chiu, H.H.; Lai, Y.Y.; Liu, J.H.; Yu, B.; Tsen, H.Y.-
-Changes in volatile compounds upon aging and drying in oolong tea productionKuo, P.C.; Lai, Y.Y.; Chen, Y.J.; Yang, W.H.; Tzen, J.T.C.-
-Electrocatalytic oxidation of hypoxanthine on a Nafion/lead-ruthenium oxide pyrochlore modified electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Lai, Y.Y.; Ilangovan, G.; Kumar, A.S.-
-Multianalyte sensor for the simultaneous determination of hypoxanthine, xanthine and uric acid based on a preanodized nontronite-coated screen-printed electrodeZen, J.M.; 曾志明; Lai, Y.Y.; Yang, H.H.; Kumar, A.S.-
-Study of the Anti-Proliferative Activity of 5-Substituted 4,7-Dimethoxy-1,3-Benzodioxole Derivatives of SY-1 from Antrodia camphorata on Human COLO 205 Colon Cancer CellsLien, H.M.; 赫, 林; Kuo, P.T.; Huang, C.L.; Kao, J.Y.; Lin, H.; Yang, D.Y.; Lai, Y.Y.-