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-Aerosolized Human Extracellular Superoxide Dismutase Prevents Hyperoxia-Induced Lung InjuryYen, Chih-Ching; Lai, Yi-Wen; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Lai, Cheng-Wei; Lin, Chien-Yu; Chen, Wei; Kuan, Yu-Ping; Hsu, Wu-Huei; Chen, Chuan-Mu
-Curcumin reduces pulmonary tumorigenesis in vascular endothelial growth factor (VEGF)-overexpressing transgenic miceTung, Yu-Tang; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Lai, Cheng-Wei; Shen, Chih-Jie; Lai, Yi-Wen; Chen, Chuan-Mu
-Recombinant Derp5 allergen with αS1-casein signal peptide secreted in murine milk protects against dust mite allergen–induced airway inflammationLiu, Hsu-Chung; Pai, Shun-Yuan; Chen, Hsiao-Ling; Lai, Cheng-Wei; Tsai, Tung-Chou; Cheng, Winston T.K.; Yang, Shang-Hsun; Chen, Chuan-Mu-
-豬隻同源於E. coli核糖體RNA甲基轉化酶Ftsj1與Ftsj2基因之新選殖與特性分析賴政威; Lai, Cheng-Wei-
-豬隻同源於E.coli核糖體RNA甲基轉化酶Ftsj1與Ftsj2基因之新選殖與特性分析賴政威; Lai, Cheng-Wei-