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-Cdk5 Directly Targets Nuclear p21CIP1 and Promotes Cancer Cell GrowthHuang, Pao-Hsuan; Chen, Mei-Chih; Peng, Yu-Ting; Kao, Wei-Hsiang; Chang, Chih-Hsiang; Wang, Yun-Chi; Lai, Chih-Ho; Hsieh, Jer-Tsong; Wang, Jo-Hsin; Lee, Yueh-Tsung; Lin, Eugene; Yue, Chia-Herng; Wang, Hsin-Yi; You, Shuen-Chi; Lin, Ho; 林 赫
-Cytolethal Distending Toxin Enhances Radiosensitivity in Prostate Cancer Cells by Regulating AutophagyLin, Hwai-Jeng; Liu, Hsin-Ho; Lin, Chia-Der; Kao, Min-Chuan; Chen, Yu-An; Chiang-Ni, Chuan; Jiang, Zhi-Pei; Huang, Mei-Zi; Lin, Chun-Jung; Lo, U-Ging; Lin, Li-Chiung; Lai, Cheng-Kuo; 林赫; Lin, Ho; Hsieh, Jer-Tsong; Chiu, Cheng-Hsun; Lai, Chih-Ho
-Desipramine Protects Neuronal Cell Death and Induces Heme Oxygenase-1 Expression in Mes23.5 Dopaminergic NeuronsLin, Hsiao-Yun; Yeh, Wei-Lan; Huang, Bor-Ren; Lin, Chingju; Lai, Chih-Ho; Lin, Ho; Lu, Dah-Yuu-
-Development of chitosan/heparin nanoparticle-encapsulated cytolethal distending toxin for gastric cancer therapyLai, Cheng-Kuo; Lu, Yu-Luen; Hsieh, Jer-Tsong; Tsai, Shih-Chang; Feng, Chun-Lung; Tsai, Yuh-Shyan; Tsai, Pei-Ching; Su, Hong-Lin; Lin, Yu-Hsin; Lai, Chih-Ho-
-Induction of neuroendocrine differentiation in castration resistant prostate cancer cells by adipocyte differentiation-related protein (ADRP) delivered by exosomesLin, Li-Chiung; Gao, Allen C; Lai, Chih-Ho; Hsieh, Jer-Tsong; 林赫; Lin, Ho
-Sensitization of Radioresistant Prostate Cancer Cells by Resveratrol Isolated from Arachis hypogaea StemsChen, Yu-An; Lien, Hsiu-Man; Kao, Min-Chuan; Lo, U-Ging; Lin, Li-Chiung; Lin, Chun-Jung; Chang, Sheau-Jiun; Chen, Chia-Chang; Hsieh, Jer-Tsong; Lin, Ho; Tang, Chih-Hsin; Lai, Chih-Ho