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-Digoxin Suppresses Tumor Malignancy through Inhibiting Multiple Src-Related Signaling Pathways in Non-Small Cell Lung CancerLin, Sheng-Yi; Chang, Hsiu-Hui; Lai, Yi-Hua; Lin, Ching-Hsiung; Chen, Min-Hsuan; Chang, Gee-Chen; Tsai, Meng-Feng; Chen, Jeremy J W-
-Dimethyl Sulfoxide Promotes the Multiple Functions of the Tumor Suppressor HLJ1 through Activator Protein-1 Activation in NSCLC CellsWang, Chi-Chung; Lin, Sheng-Yi; Lai, Yi-Hua; Liu, Ya-Jung; Hsu, Yuan-Lin; Jeremy, J.W.Chen-
-Spermine Attenuates the Action of the DNA Intercalator, Actinomycin D, on DNA Binding and the Inhibition of Transcription and DNA ReplicationWang, Sheng-Yu; Lee, Yueh-Luen; Lai, Yi-Hua; Jeremy, J.W.Chen; Wu, Wen-Lin; Jeu-Ming, P.Yuann; Su, Wang-Lin; Chuang, Show-Mei; Hou, Ming-Hon-
-抑制肺癌藥物篩選平台之建立:有效藥物之鑑定暨其功能機轉探討賴怡樺; Lai, Yi-Hua-