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-Characterization of thermopile based on complementary metal-oxide-semiconductor (CMOS) materials and post CMOS micromachiningDu, C.H.; Lee, C.-
-Identifying attributes and insecurity of a public-channel key exchange protocol using chaos synchronizationHan, S.; Chang, E.; Dillon, T.; Hwang, M.; Lee, C.-
-Microvia filling by copper electroplating using diazine black as a levelerDow, W.P.; 竇維平; Li, C.C.; Su, Y.C.; Shen, S.P.; Huang, C.C.; Lee, C.; Hsu, B.; Hsu, S.-
-A new micromechanism for transformation of small displacements to large rotations for a VOALee, C.; Lin, Y.S.-