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-Analysis of designing multichannel fiber Bragg gratings with different inverse design algorithmsLee, C.L.; 韓 斌; Han, P.-
-Characteristics analysis for the flash flood-induced debris flowsChen, C.Y.; Chen, L.K.; Yu, F.C.; Lin, S.C.; Lin, Y.C.; Lee, C.L.; Wang, Y.T.; Cheung, K.W.-
-A data transmission scheme with spectral switches of a shifting double slit in the far fieldHan, P.; 韓 斌; Lee, C.L.; Chen, L.Y.; Huang, S.H.-
-Energy hierarchy and urban landscape systemHuang, S.L.; Lai, H.Y.; Lee, C.L.-
-Immunomagnetic reduction assay on chloramphenicol extracted from shrimpYang, S.Y.; Ho, C.S.; Lee, C.L.; Shih, B.Y.; Horng, H.E.; Hong, C.Y.; Yang, H.C.; Chung, Y.H.; Chen, J.C.; Lin, T.C.-
-Immunomagnetic reduction assay using high-T-c superconducting-quantum-interference-device-based magnetosusceptometryChieh, J.J.; Yang, S.Y.; Horng, H.E.; Yu, C.Y.; Lee, C.L.; Wu, H.L.; Hong, C.Y.; Yang, H.C.-
-Landslides affecting sedimentary characteristics of reservoir basinChen, C.Y.; Chen, L.K.; Yu, F.C.; Lin, S.C.; Lin, Y.C.; Lee, C.L.; Wang, Y.T.-
-Multi-Channel SQUID-Based Ultra-High-Sensitivity In-Vitro Detections for Bio-Markers of Alzheimer's Disease Via Immunomagnetic ReductionChiu, M.J.; Horng, H.E.; Chieh, J.J.; Liao, S.H.; Chen, C.H.; Shih, B.Y.; Yang, C.C.; Lee, C.L.; Chen, T.F.; Yang, S.Y.; Hong, C.Y.; Yang, H.C.-
-Optimal design of single resonant and ultrabroadband long-period fiber grating filtersLee, C.L.; 韓 斌; Han, P.-
-Packet Classification with Hierarchical Cross-ProductingLee, C.L.; 王丕中 ; Chan, C.T.; Wang, P.C.-
-Performance improvement of two-dimensional packet classification by filter rephrasingWang, P.C.; 王丕中 ; Lee, C.L.; Chan, C.T.; Chang, H.Y.-
-Polymer-based photonic crystals fabricated with single-step electron-beam lithographyWu, C.S.; Lin, C.F.; Lin, H.Y.; Lee, C.L.; Chen, C.D.-
-Prospective assessment of overactive bladder symptoms in women who have undergone transvaginal surgery for advanced vaginal wall prolapse: A preliminary reportChin, H.Y.; Chiang, C.H.; Lin, K.C.; Wang, C.J.; Lee, C.L.; Soong, Y.K.-
-Scalable packet classification by TCAM entry encryption algorithmLee, C.L.; 王丕中 ; Wang, P.C.-
-Scalable packet classification for enabling Internet differentiated servicesWang, P.C.; 王丕中 ; Chan, C.T.; Lee, C.L.; Chang, H.Y.-
-Spectral switches of a double slit with a movable central part in the far-fieldHan, P.; 韓 斌; Lee, C.L.-
-Uptake and Incorporation of Pinolenic Acid Reduces n-6 Polyunsaturated Fatty Acid and Downstream Prostaglandin Formation in Murine MacrophageChuang, L.T.; Tsai, P.J.; Lee, C.L.; Huang, Y.S.-