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-Aqueous Extract from Hibiscus sabdariffa Linnaeus Ameliorate Diabetic Nephropathy via Regulating Oxidative Status and Akt/Bad/14-3-3 gamma in an Experimental Animal ModelWang, S.C.; Lee, S.F.; Wang, C.J.; Lee, C.H.; Lee, W.C.; Lee, H.J.-
-Aqueous extract of Hibiscus sabdariffa L. decelerates acetaminophen-induced acute liver damage by reducing cell death and oxidative stress in mouse experimental modelsLiu, L.C.; Wang, C.J.; Lee, C.C.; Su, S.C.; Chen, H.L.; Hsu, J.D.; Lee, H.J.-
-Aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase deficiency in TaiwanLee, H.F.; Tsai, C.R.; Chi, C.S.; Chang, T.M.; Lee, H.J.-
-Cilostazol Ameliorates Nephropathy in Type 1 Diabetic Rats Involving Improvement in Oxidative Stress and Regulation of TGF-beta and NF-kappa BLee, W.C.; 陳鴻震; Chen, H.C.; Wang, C.Y.; Lin, P.Y.; Ou, T.T.; Chen, C.C.; Wen, M.C.; Wang, J.; Lee, H.J.-
-Clinical Manifestations in Children With Mitochondrial DiseasesChi, C.S.; Lee, H.F.; Tsai, C.R.; Lee, H.J.; Chen, L.H.-
-Consumer knowledge and risk perceptions of avian influenzaHsu, J.L.; 魯 真; Liu, K.E.; Huang, M.H.; Lee, H.J.-
-Deriving the generalized rocket kinetic power equations and associated propulsion indexesLee, H.J.; Lee, H.W.-
-Equilibrium protein folding-unfolding process involving multiple intermediatesHung, H.C.; 洪慧芝; Chen, Y.H.; Liu, G.Y.; Lee, H.J.; Chang, G.G.-
-Integrated energy method for propulsion dynamics analysis of air-pressurized waterjet rocketLee, H.J.; Chiu, C.H.; Hsia, W.K.-
-Leigh Syndrome: Clinical and Neuroimaging Follow-UpLee, H.F.; Tsai, C.R.; Chi, C.S.; Lee, H.J.; Chen, C.C.C.-
-A long-term survey on anthropogenic impacts to the water quality of coral reefs, southern TaiwanMeng, P.J.; Lee, H.J.; Wang, J.T.; Chen, C.C.; Lin, H.J.; Tew, K.S.; Hsieh, W.J.-
-Novel finite particle method for gyrodynamics analysisLee, H.J.-
-Numerical simulation of heat transfer in a desktop computer with heat-generating componentsChiang, J.S.; Chuang, S.H.; Wu, Y.K.; Lee, H.J.-
-Polyphenol Extracts from Hibiscus sabdariffa Linnaeus Attenuate Nephropathy in Experimental Type 1 DiabetesLee, W.C.; 陳鴻震; Wang, C.J.; Chen, Y.H.; Hsu, J.D.; Cheng, S.Y.; Chen, H.C.; Lee, H.J.-
-Propulsion Strategy Analysis of High-Speed SwordfishLee, H.J.; Jong, Y.J.; Chang, L.M.; Wu, W.L.-
-Propulsion superiority analysis of U-turn launch mode for satellite rocketYuan, K.L.; Lee, H.J.; Lin, H.-
-Static and Dynamic Aerocharacteristics Testing of Advanced Stealth Aircraft in Water TunnelChuang, S.H.; Wang, S.W.; Chang, L.M.; Huang, C.M.; Lee, H.J.-
-Static and Dynamic Aerocharacteristics Testing of Strake-Wing Aerial Vehicle in Water TunnelChang, L.M.; Lee, H.J.; Huang, C.M.; Chuang, S.H.; Wang, S.W.; Chen, K.T.-