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-Bayesian analysis of Box-Cox transformed linear mixed models with ARMA(p, q) dependenceLee, J.C.; 林宗儀; Lin, T.I.; Lee, K.J.; Hsu, Y.L.; 許英麟-
-Bayesian analysis of hierarchical linear mixed modeling using the multivariate t distributionLin, T.I.; 林宗儀; Lee, J.C.-
-Beneficial effects of different tea flowers against human breast cancer MCF-7 cellsWay, T.D.; 李茂榮; Lin, H.Y.; Hua, K.T.; Lee, J.C.; Li, W.H.; Lee, M.R.; Shuang, C.H.; Lin, J.K.-
-CHM-1 induces apoptosis via p38-mediated upregulation of DR5 expression in human ovarian cancer SKOV3 cellsLee, J.C.; Chou, L.C.; Huang, C.H.; Chung, J.G.; Huang, L.J.; Lee, K.H.; Hung, M.C.; Way, T.D.; Kuo, S.C.-
-Design, synthesis, application, and DFT investigation of Suzuki-Miyaura reactions of a dicobalt carbonyl-containing phosphine ligandChang, Y.C.; 洪豐裕; Lee, J.C.; Hong, F.E.-
-Direct injection of Re-188-microspheres in the treatment of hepatocellular carcinoma - Compared with traditional percutaneous ethanol injection: An animal studyLin, Y.C.; Tsai, S.C.; Hung, G.U.; Lee, J.C.; Huang, Y.S.; Lin, W.Y.-
-Estimation and prediction in linear mixed models with skew-normal random effects for longitudinal dataLin, T.I.; 林宗儀; Lee, J.C.-
-Finite mixture modelling using the skew normal distributionLin, T.I.; 林宗儀; Lee, J.C.; Yen, S.Y.-
-Measurement of contact force and coaxial level between bulb spacer and glass neck in CRT manufacturingChang, M.; Mo, C.N.; Juang, M.J.; Lee, J.C.-
-Minimum zone evaluation of conicity error using minimum potential energy algorithmsHuang, P.H.; Lee, J.C.-
-On fast supervised learning for normal mixture models with missing informationLin, T.I.; 林宗儀; Lee, J.C.; Ho, H.J.-
-Palladium-catalysed amination reactions using cobalt-containing bulky phosphane ligandsLee, J.C.; 洪豐裕; Wang, M.G.; Hong, F.E.-
-Preparation and characterization of cobalt-containing alcohols and diolsLee, J.C.; 洪豐裕; Chang, Y.C.; Ho, Y.; Chu, K.M.; Chen, H.L.; Hong, F.E.-
-A robust approach to t linear mixed models applied to multiple sclerosis dataLin, T.I.; 林宗儀; Lee, J.C.-
-Robust mixture modeling using the skew t distributionLin, T.I.; 林宗儀; Lee, J.C.; Hsieh, W.J.-