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-Enhanced formation and morphological stability of low-resistivity CoSi2 nanodot arrays on epitaxial Si0.7Ge0.3 virtual substrateCheng, S.L.; Yang, C.Y.; Lee, S.W.; Hsu, H.F.; Chen, H.-
-Formation of Mg2Ni alloy layers and kinetic studies in the binary Mg-Ni systemCheng, S.L.; Chen, Y.Y.; Lee, S.W.; Hsu, H.F.-
-Intestinal geotrichosis in a German shepherdLee, Y.J.; 徐維莉; Hsu, W.L.; Lin, C.F.; Lee, S.W.; Cheng, F.P.; 鄭豐邦-
-Nickel Schottky junction on epi-Ge for strained Ge metal-oxide-semiconductor field-effect transistors source/drain engineeringLee, M.H.; Hsieh, B.F.; Chang, S.T.; Lee, S.W.-
-Strained-Si with carbon incorporation for MOSFET source/drain engineeringLee, M.H.; 張書通; Chang, S.T.; Lee, S.W.; Chen, P.S.; Shen, K.W.; Wang, W.C.-