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-Decreased circulating protective adiponectin level is associated with angiographic coronary disease progression in patients with angina pectorisLiang, K.W.; Sheu, W.H.H.; Lee, W.L.; Liu, T.J.; Ting, C.T.; Hsieh, Y.C.; Wang, K.Y.; Chen, Y.T.; Lee, W.J.-
-Decreased ratio of high-molecular-weight to total adiponectin is associated with angiographic coronary atherosclerosis severity but not restenosisLiang, K.W.; Lee, W.J.; Lee, W.L.; Ting, C.T.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-Deoxyelephantopin impedes mammary adenocarcinoma cell motility by inhibiting calpain-mediated adhesion dynamics and inducing reactive oxygen species and aggresome formationLee, W.L.; Shyur, L.F.-
-Diabetes exacerbates angiographic coronary lesion progression in subjects with metabolic syndrome independent of CRP levelsLiang, K.W.; Lee, W.J.; Lee, W.L.; Chen, Y.T.; Ting, C.T.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-Differential Proteomic Profiling Identifies Novel Molecular Targets of Paclitaxel and Phytoagent Deoxyelephantopin against Mammary Adenocarcinoma CellsLee, W.L.; Wen, T.N.; Shiau, J.Y.; Shyur, L.F.-
-Early Improvements in insulin sensitivity and inflammatory markers are induced by pravastatin in nondiabetic subjects with hypercholesterolemiaLee, W.J.; Lee, W.L.; Tang, Y.J.; Liang, K.W.; Chien, Y.H.; Tsou, S.S.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-MRI Measured Epicardial Adipose Tissue Thickness at the Right AV Groove Differentiates Inflammatory Status in Obese Men With Metabolic SyndromeLiang, K.W.; Tsai, I.C.; Lee, W.J.; Lee, I.T.; Lee, W.L.; Lin, S.Y.; Wan, C.J.; Fu, C.P.; Ting, C.T.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-Persistent elevation of paraoxonase-1 specific enzyme activity after weight reduction in obese non-diabetic men with metabolic syndromeLiang, K.W.; Lee, W.J.; Lee, I.T.; Lee, W.L.; Lin, S.Y.; Hsu, S.L.; Wan, C.J.; Yu, C.Y.; Tsai, I.C.; Fu, C.P.; Ting, C.T.; Sheu, W.H.H.-
-Preparative separation and purification of epigallocatechin gallate from green tea extracts using a silica adsorbent containing beta-cyclodextrinLai, S.M.; Gu, J.Y.; Huang, B.H.; Chang, C.M.J.; Lee, W.L.-