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-Chondrogenesis from human adipose stem cells cultured three-dimensionallyHsu, S.; Lee, Y.-
-A CMOS clock and data recovery circuit with a half-rate three-state phase detectorYang, C.Y.; 楊清淵; Lee, Y.; Lee, C.H.-
-Genetic diversity of antagonistic Bacillus subtilis against citrus canker bacteriaHuang, T.; 黃姿碧; Chen, C.; Lee, Y.; Hwang, B.; Tzeng, D.; Tzeng, K.-
-In Situ STM Revelation of the Adsorption and Polymerization of Aniline on Au(111) Electrode in Perchloric Acid and Benzenesulfonic AcidLee, Y.; 竇維平; Chen, S.; Tu, H.; Yau, S.; Fan, L.J.; Yang, Y.W.; Dow, W.P.-
-A PWM and PAM signaling hybrid technology for serial-link transceiversYang, C.Y.; 楊清淵; Lee, Y.-