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-Amorphous-Layer Regrowth and Activation of P and As Implanted Si by Low-Temperature Microwave AnnealingHsueh, F.K.; Lee, Y.J.; Lin, K.L.; Current, M.I.; Wu, C.Y.; Chao, T.S.-
-Diagnosis of feline polycystic kidney disease by a combination of ultrasonographic examination and PKD1 gene analysisLee, Y.J.; 王孟亮; Chen, H.Y.; Hsu, W.L.; Ou, C.M.; Wong, M.L.-
-Dopant Activation in Single-Crystalline Germanium by Low-Temperature Microwave AnnealingLee, Y.J.; Chuang, S.S.; Hsueh, F.K.; Lin, H.M.; Wu, S.C.; Wu, C.Y.; Tseng, T.Y.-
-Effects of nitrogen status on leaf anatomy, chlorophyll content and canopy reflectance of paddy riceLee, Y.J.; Yang, C.M.; Chang, K.W.; Shen, Y.-
-A handy imaging system for precision agriculture studiesLee, Y.J.; 申 雍; Chang, K.W.; Shen, Y.; Huang, T.M.; Tsay, H.L.-
-High Tensile Stress with Minimal Dopant Diffusion by Low Temperature Microwave AnnealLee, Y.J.; Lu, Y.L.; Mu, Z.C.; Hsueh, F.K.; Chao, T.S.; Wu, C.Y.-
-Identification, expression and antigenic analysis of recombinant hemagglutinin proteins of canine distemper virusChan, K.W.; 徐維莉; Hsieh, H.H.; Wang, H.C.; Lee, Y.J.; Sung, M.H.; Wong, M.L.; Hsu, W.L.; 王孟亮-
-Increased PD-1 and decreased CD28 expression in chronic hepatitis B patients with advanced hepatocellular carcinomaHsu, P.N.; Yang, T.C.; Kao, J.T.; Cheng, K.S.; Lee, Y.J.; Wang, Y.M.; Hsieh, C.T.; Lin, C.W.; Wu, Y.Y.-
-Intestinal geotrichosis in a German shepherdLee, Y.J.; 徐維莉; Hsu, W.L.; Lin, C.F.; Lee, S.W.; Cheng, F.P.; 鄭豐邦-
-Molecular detection of autosomal-dominant feline polycystic kidney disease by multiplex amplification refractory mutation system polymerase chain reactionLee, Y.J.; 徐維莉; Chen, H.Y.; Wong, M.L.; Hsu, W.L.; 王孟亮-
-Nanoscale p-MOS Thin-Film Transistor With TiN Gate Electrode Fabricated by Low-Temperature Microwave Dopant ActivationLu, Y.L.; Hsueh, F.K.; Huang, K.C.; Cheng, T.Y.; Kowalski, J.M.; Kowalski, J.E.; Lee, Y.J.; Chao, T.S.; Wu, C.Y.-
-Prognosis of acute kidney injury in dogs using RIFLE (Risk, Injury, Failure, Loss and End-stage renal failure)-like criteriaLee, Y.J.; Chang, C.C.; Chan, J.P.W.; Hsu, W.L.; Lin, K.W.; Wong, M.L.-
-Prognostic Factors and a Prognostic Index for Cats with Acute Kidney InjuryLee, Y.J.; Chan, J.P.W.; Hsu, W.L.; Lin, K.W.; Chang, C.C.-
-Purification and properties of ornithine racemase from Clostridium sticklandiiChen, H.P.; Lin, C.F.; Lee, Y.J.; Tsay, S.S.; Wu, S.H.-
-Quantitative proteomic and genomic profiling reveals metastasis-related protein expression patterns in gastric cancer cellsChen, Y.R.; Juan, H.F.; Huang, H.C.; Huang, H.H.; Lee, Y.J.; Liao, M.Y.; Tseng, C.W.; Lin, L.L.; Chen, J.Y.; Wang, M.J.; Chen, J.H.; Chen, Y.J.-
-A simple spectral index using reflectance of 735 nm to assess nitrogen status of rice canopyLee, Y.J.; 申 雍; Yang, C.M.; Chang, K.W.; Shen, Y.-
-Susceptor Coupling for the Uniformity and Dopant Activation Efficiency in Implanted Si Under Fixed-Frequency Microwave AnnealLee, Y.J.; Hsueh, F.K.; Current, M.I.; Wu, C.Y.; Chao, T.S.-