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-Factors regulating carbon sinks in mangrove ecosystemsLi, Shi-Bo; Chen, Po-Hung; Huang, Jih-Sheng; Hsueh, Mei-Li; Hsieh, Li-Yung; Lee, Chen-Lu; Lin, Hsing-Juh; 林幸助
-The effects of El Niño-Southern Oscillation events on intertidal seagrass beds over a long-term timescaleLin, Hsing-Juh; 林幸助; Lee, Chen-Lu; Peng, Shang-En; Hung, Meng-Chi; Liu, Pi-Jen; Mayfield, Anderson B
-墾丁大光泰來草(Thalassia hemprichii)與單脈二藥草(Halodule uninervis)海草床之魚類群聚變化與魚類胃內含物研究李承錄; Lee, Chen-Lu-
-墾丁大光泰來草(Thalassiahemprichii)與單脈二藥草(Haloduleuninervis)海草床之魚類群聚變化與魚類胃內含物研究李承錄; Lee, Chen-Lu-