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-Ag(2)Se quantum-dot sensitized solar cells for full solar spectrum light harvestingTubtimtae, Auttasit; Lee, Ming-Way; Wang, Gou-Jen-
-Ag2S quantum dot-sensitized WO3 photoelectrodes for solar cellsTubtimtae, Auttasit; Cheng, Kai-Yu; Lee, Ming-Way-
-Cu(2-x)S quantum dot-sensitized solar cellsLin, Mei-Chia; Lee, Ming-Way-
-Dielectric Behavior as a Screen in Rational Searches for Electronic Materials: Metal Pnictide SulfosaltsHe, Xin; Singh, David J; Boon-On, Patsorn; Lee, Ming-Way; 李明威; Zhang, Lijun
-Effects of passivation treatment on performance of CdS/CdSe quantum-dot co-sensitized solar cellsTubtimtae, Auttasit; Lee, Ming-Way-
-Lead Antimony Sulfide Semiconductor-Sensitized Solar CellsLiu, Jun-Jie; Lee, Ming-Way-