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-Measuring the innovation ability of Taiwan's food industry using DEAAgnieszka, M.Dadura; Lee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen)-
-Strategic analysis of offshore migration of polluting firms and suppliers: an option value perspectiveLee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); Yenming, J.Chen-
-To+Determine+the+Key+Points+to+Write+the+Blog+Articles+for+Vegetable+and+FruitLee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); 李宗儒(濬紳); Huan, Dan-Ching; Ku, Wan-Ying; 黃丹青; 顧婉瀛
-Using+Dramaturgy+Model+to+Determine+the+Factors+that+Affect+Customers+Purchasing+Chicken+Products+at+Hypermarkets+and+to+Formulate+Marketing+StrategiesLee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); 李宗儒(濬紳); Chen, Yu-Wen; Lee, Yi-Chain; Yu, Teng-Chih; 陳郁雯; 李宜謙; 游騰至
-Validation for the Diversity of Usage in M-Commerce among Countries by ICOMPLi, Jan-Mou; Hsieh, Shang-Hsing; Lee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen)
-建構休閒農場體驗活動標準作業流程之研究Lee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); 李宗儒(濬紳); Huang, Ching-Yu; 黃靜瑜
-蔬果於電子商務銷售模式之探討Lee, Tzong-Ru (Jiun-Shen); 李宗儒(濬紳); Huang, Dan-Ching; Ku, Wan-Ying; 黃丹青; 顧婉瀛