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-Biochemical characterizations of Escherichia coli-expressed protective antigen Ag473 of Neisseria meningitides group BSung, J.W.C.; 楊秋英; Hsieh, S.Y.; Lin, C.L.; Leng, C.H.; Liu, S.J.; Chou, A.H.; Lai, L.W.; Lin, L.H.; Kwok, Y.; Yang, C.Y.; Chong, P.-
-A novel technology for the production of a heterologous lipoprotein immunogen in high yield has implications for the field of vaccine designChen, H.W.; 楊秋英; Liu, S.J.; Liu, H.H.; Kwok, Y.; Lin, C.L.; Lin, L.H.; Chen, M.Y.; Tsai, J.P.; Chang, L.S.; Chiu, F.F.; Lai, L.W.; Lian, W.C.; Yang, C.Y.; Hsieh, S.Y.; Chong, P.; Leng, C.H.-