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-Coexpression of TorD enhances the trans-port of GFP via the TAT pathwayLi, S.Y.; 林松池; Chang, B.Y.; Lin, S.C.-
-Effect of polysaccharide polymer on sedimentation and rheological behavior of aqueous BaTiO3 suspensionsTseng, W.J.; 曾文甲; Li, S.Y.-
-Fabrication of vertical ZnO nanowires on silicon(100) with epitaxial ZnO buffer layerLi, S.Y.; Lin, P.; Lee, C.Y.; Ho, M.S.; Tseng, T.Y.-
-Integrated enzyme purification and immobilization processes with immobilized metal affinity adsorbentsHo, L.F.; 林松池; Li, S.Y.; Lin, S.C.; Wen-Hwei, H.-
-Single-ended frequency divider with moduli of 256-271Tseng, S.C.; Meng, C.C.; Li, S.Y.; Su, J.Y.; Huang, G.W.-