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-Analysis of Volatile Compounds Emitted from Chimonanthus praecox (L.) Link in Different Florescence and QSRR Study of GC Retention IndicesLi, Z.G.; 李茂榮; Cao, H.; Lee, M.R.; Shen, D.L.-
-Analysis of volatile compounds emitted from fresh Syringa oblata flowers in different florescence by headspace solid-phase microextraction-gas chromatography-mass spectrometryLi, Z.G.; 李茂榮; Lee, M.R.; Shen, D.L.-
-Determination of chlorophenols in landfill leachate using headspace sampling with ionic liquid-coated solid-phase microextraction fibers combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometryHo, T.T.; Chen, C.Y.; Li, Z.G.; Yang, T.C.C.; Lee, M.R.-
-Determination of perfluorocarboxylic acids in water by ion-pair dispersive liquid-liquid microextraction and gas chromatography-tandem mass spectrometry with injection port derivatizationLiu, W.L.; Ko, Y.C.; Hwang, B.H.; Li, Z.G.; Yang, T.C.C.; Lee, M.R.-
-Identification of new minor metabolites of penicillin G in human serum by multiple-stage tandem mass spectrometryHo, H.P.; 李茂榮; Lee, R.J.; Chen, C.Y.; Wang, S.R.; Li, Z.G.; Lee, M.R.-
-Simultaneous analysis of antioxidants and preservatives in cosmetics by supercritical fluid extraction combined with liquid chromatography-mass spectrometryLee, M.R.; 李茂榮; Lin, C.Y.; Li, Z.G.; Tsai, T.F.-
-Solvent-enhanced microwave-assisted derivatization following solid-phase extraction combined with gas chromatography-mass spectrometry for determination of amphetamines in urineChung, L.W.; 李茂榮; Liu, G.J.; Li, Z.G.; Chang, Y.Z.; Lee, M.R.-