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-Haloterrigena mahii sp. nov., an extremely halophilic archaeon from a solar salternDing, Jiun-Yan; Chen, Sheng-Chung; 賴美津; Lai, Mei-Chin; Liao, Tsai-Ling
-Mechanistic insights into avian reovirus p17-modulated suppression of cell cycle CDK-cyclin complexes and enhancement of p53 and cyclin H interactionChiu, Hung-Chuan; Huang, Wei-Ru; Liao, Tsai-Ling; Chi, Pei-I; Nielsen, Brent L; Liu, Jyung-Hurng; Liu, Hung-Jen
-Suppression of Vimentin Phosphorylation by the Avian Reovirus p17 through Inhibition of CDK1 and Plk1 Impacting the G2/M Phase of the Cell CycleChiu, Hung-Chuan; Huang, Wei-Ru; Liao, Tsai-Ling; Wu, Hung-Yi; Munir, Muhammad; Shih, Wing-Ling; Liu, Hung-Jen; 邱泓銓