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-Effect of Plasma Radical Composition in Intrinsic a-Si:H on Performances of Heterojunction Solar CellsCho, Yun-Shao; Hsu, Chia-Hsun; Lien, Shui-Yang; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Han, Pin; Chen, Chia-Fu; Wang, Jui-Hao-
-Improvement in performance of Si-based thin film solar cells with a nanocrystalline SiO2–TiO2 layerLin, Yang-Shih; Lien, Shui-Yang; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Huang, Yu-Xuan; Kung, Chung-Yuan-
-Performance of a-SiGe:H Thin-Film Solar Cells on High-Heat Dissipation Flexible Ceramic Printable Circuit BoardWang, Chao-Chun; Wu, Zong-Syun; Hsu, Chia-Hsun; Lien, Shui-Yang; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Han, Pin-
-Properties of double-layered Ga-doped Al-zinc-oxide/titanium-doped indium-tin-oxide thin films prepared by dc magnetron sputtering applied for Si-based thin film solar cellsWang, Chao-Chun; Wuu, Dong-Sing; Lin, Yang-Shih; Lien, Shui-Yang; Huang, Yung-Chuan; Liu, Chueh-Yang; Chen, Chia-Fu; Nautiyal, Asheesh; Lee, Shuo-Jen, 武東星
-以熱燈絲化學氣相沈積法進行矽薄膜之研製、特性分析及在太陽電池之應用連水養; Lien, Shui-Yang-