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-A 10-year Follow-up of Triple-negative Breast Cancer Patients in TaiwanLin, C.; Chien, S.Y.; Kuo, S.J.; Chen, L.S.; Chen, S.T.; Lai, H.W.; Chang, T.W.; Chen, D.R.-
-Adsorption of copper in the different sorbent/water ratios of soil systemsChang, T.W.; Wang, M.K.; Lin, C.-
-Characteristics of horseshoe vortex system near a vertical plate-base plate junctureLin, C.; 林 呈; Chiu, P.H.; Shieh, S.J.-
-Characteristics of Recirculation Zone Structure behind an Impulsively Started Circular CylinderLin, C.; Hsieh, S.C.; Lin, W.J.; Raikar, R.V.-
-Characteristics of Shear Layer Structure in Skimming Flow over a Vertical Drop PoolLin, W.J.; Lin, C.; Hsieh, S.C.; Li, C.C.; Raikar, R.V.-
-Characteristics of steady horseshoe vortex system near junction of square cylinder and base plateLin, C.; Ho, T.C.; Dey, S.-
-Characterization of estrogen quinone-derived protein adducts and their identification in human serum albumin derived from breast cancer patients and healthy controlsChen, D.R.; Chen, S.T.; Wang, T.W.; Tsai, C.H.; Wei, H.H.; Chen, G.J.; Yang, T.C.; Lin, C.; Lin, P.H.-
-Chromate reduction by zero-valent Al metal as catalyzed by polyoxometalateLin, C.J.; 王尚禮; Wang, S.L.; Huang, P.M.; Tzou, Y.M.; Liu, J.C.; Chen, C.C.; Chen, J.H.; Lin, C.; 鄒裕民; 陳仁炫-
-Closure to "Periodic Oscillation Caused by a Flow over a Vertical Drop Pool" by Chang Lin, Shih-Chun Hsieh, Kai-Joe Kuo, and Kuang-An ChangLin, C.; Hsieh, S.C.; Kuo, K.J.; Chang, K.A.-
-Convection velocity of vortex structures in the near wake of a circular cylinderLin, C.; 林 呈; Hsieh, S.C.-
-The effect of different fibre components on growth rate, nutrient digestibility, rate of digesta passage and hindgut fermentation in domesticated rabbitsChiou, P.W.S.; 系統管理者; Yu, B.; Lin, C.; 余 碧-
-Establishment of the dual luciferase frameshift assay in the acute T leukemia Jurkat cellsLiu, G.; Lin, C.; Hung, H.-
-Experimental study on mean velocity characteristics of flow over vertical dropLin, C.; Hwung, W.Y.; Hsieh, S.C.; Chang, K.A.-
-The expression of pituitary gland genes in laying geeseYen, C.F.; 許振忠; Lin, H.W.; Hsu, J.C.; Lin, C.; Shen, T.F.; Ding, S.T.-
-Flow Characteristics around a Circular Cylinder Placed Horizontally above a Plane BoundaryLin, W.J.; Lin, C.; Hsieh, S.C.; Dey, S.-
-Hb Phnom Penh in Taiwanese family: isoleucine ( Ile)-inserted between codons 117 and 118 of the alpha 1-globin geneShih, M.; Lin, T.; Liu, S.; Ho, M.; Lin, C.; Chang, T.; Peng, C.; Ho, C.; Shih, H.-
-Hb UBE-2 combined beta-thalassemia IVS2-NT654 INC -> T mutation observed in Taiwanese Hakka subjectHo, C.; Lin, T.; Liu, S.C.; Lin, C.; Peng, C.; Chang, T.; Chang, J.; Shih, M.; Shih, H.-
-Hb Westmead in a Taiwanese subject: detected by PCR and StuI restriction enzyme methodsLin, T.; Shih, H.; Liu, S.; Chiu, T.; Chang, Y.; Lin, C.; Chang, T.; Shih, M.; Peng, C.; Chang, J.-
-Laboratory observation of solitary wave propagating over a submerged rectangular dikeLin, C.; 林 呈; Chang, S.C.; Ho, T.C.; Chang, K.A.-
-Neural network for wave forecasting among multi-stationsTsai, C.P.; 蔡清標; Lin, C.; Shen, J.N.; 林 呈-