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-An AlN Sacrificial Buffer Layer Inserted into the GaN/Patterned Sapphire Substrate for a Chemical Lift-Off ProcessLin, C.F.; 林佳鋒; Dai, J.J.; Lin, M.S.; Chen, K.T.; Huang, W.C.; Lin, C.M.; Jiang, R.H.; Huang, Y.C.-
-Application of Radiofrequency Ablation of Renal VX2 Tumors by Cooled-Tip Electrode in a Rabbit ModelHo, Y.J.; Huang, Y.S.; Lin, C.M.; Chung, C.L.; Lin, Y.C.-
-Asymmetric bromination-aldolization of chiral acetate titanium enolate derived from thioimide. A general approach to the synthesis of enantiopure alpha-bromo-beta-hydroxy carboxylic acidsWang, Y.C.; Su, D.W.; Lin, C.M.; Tseng, H.L.; Li, C.L.; Yan, T.H.-
-Biocompatibility and corrosion Behavior of BaTiO3/TiO2 double layers by electrochemical synthesisLin, C.M.; 顏秀崗; Yen, S.K.-
-Biomimetic growth of apatite on electrolytic TiO2 coatings in simulated body fluidLin, C.M.; 顏秀崗; Yen, S.K.-
-Blue light-emitting diodes with a roughened backside fabricated by wet etchingLin, C.F.; 林佳鋒; Lin, C.M.; Chen, K.T.; Huang, W.C.; Lin, M.S.; Dai, J.J.; Jiang, R.H.; Huang, Y.C.; Chang, C.Y.-
-Cathodic reactions of electrolytic hydroxyapatite coating on pure titaniumYen, S.K.; 顏秀崗; Lin, C.M.-
-Characterization and bond strength of electrolytic HA/TiO2 double layers for orthopaedic applicationsLin, C.M.; 顏秀崗; Yen, S.K.-
-Characterization and bond strength of electrolytic HA/TiO2 double layers for orthopedic applicationsLin, C.M.; 顏秀崗; Yen, S.K.-
-Characterization and mechanism of 304 stainless steel vibration weldingKuo, C.W.; 吳威德; Lin, C.M.; Lai, G.H.; Chen, Y.C.; Chang, Y.T.; Wu, W.-
-Characterization of electrolytic HA/ZrO2 double layers coatings on Ti-6Al-4V implant alloyYen, S.K.; 邱繡河; Chiou, S.H.; Wu, S.J.; Chang, C.C.; Lin, S.P.; Lin, C.M.; 顏秀崗-
-Characterization of electrolytic TiO2 coating on Ti for biomedical applicationsLin, C.M.; 顏秀崗; Yen, S.K.-
-Characterization of multi-element alloy claddings manufactured by the tungsten inert gas processChen, J.H.; 吳威德; Chen, P.N.; Lin, C.M.; Chang, C.M.; Chang, Y.Y.; Wu, W.-
-A combination of the metabolic enzyme inhibitor APO866 and the immune adjuvant L-1-methyl tryptophan induces additive antitumor activityYang, H.J.; 林季千; Yen, M.C.; Lin, C.C.; Lin, C.M.; Chen, Y.L.; Weng, T.Y.; Huang, T.T.; Wu, C.L.; Lai, M.D.-
-The development and application of an electrical impedance spectroscopy measurement system for plant tissuesLin, C.M.; Chen, L.H.; Chen, T.M.-
-Development and Use of a Chromogenic Macroarray System for the Detection of Staphylococcus aureus with Enterotoxin A, B, C, D, E, and G Genes in Food and Milk SamplesLin, C.M.; Chiang, Y.C.; Tsen, H.Y.-
-Effect of carbon content on microstructural characteristics of the hypereutectic Fe-Cr-C claddingsChang, C.M.; 吳威德; Lin, C.M.; Hsieh, C.C.; Chen, J.H.; Fan, C.M.; Wu, W.T.-
-Effect of carbon content on microstructure and corrosion behavior of hypereutectic Fe-Cr-C claddingsChang, C.M.; 吳威德; Hsieh, C.C.; Lin, C.M.; Chen, J.H.; Fan, C.M.; Wu, W.T.-
-The effects of additive elements on the microstructure characteristics and mechanical properties of Cr-Fe-C hard-facing alloysLin, C.M.; 吳威德; Chang, C.M.; Chen, J.H.; Wu, W.T.-
-Fabrication of Mesa Shaped InGaN-Based Light-Emitting Diodes Through a Photoelectrochemical ProcessYang, C.C.; 林佳鋒; Lin, C.F.; Chiang, J.H.; Liu, H.C.; Lin, C.M.; Fan, F.H.; Chang, C.Y.-