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-Effect of Cu Thickness on the Evolution of the Reaction Products at the Sn-9wt.%Zn Solder/Cu Interface During ReflowChen, C.H.; 陳志銘; Lin, C.P.; Chen, C.M.-
-Effect of different concentrations of acetone for the decomposition reactions of peroxyketal peroxidesLin, Y.F.; Lin, C.P.; Chen, L.Y.; Su, T.S.; Tseng, J.M.-
-Effect of temperature on microstructural changes of the Sn-9 wt.% Zn lead-free solder stripe under current stressingChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Hung, Y.M.; Lin, C.P.; Su, W.C.-
-Fabrication of microlens array with graduated sags using UV proximity printing method楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Chao, C.K.; Lin, T.H.; Lin, C.P.-
-Hexagonal microlens array modeling and fabrication using a thermal reflow processLin, C.P.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.S.; Chao, C.K.-
-High fill-factor microlens array mold insert fabrication using a thermal reflow process楊錫杭; Yang, H.H.; Chao, C.K.; Wei, M.K.; Lin, C.P.-
-Interfacial reactions of Sn/Ag/Cu tri-layer on a deformed polyimide substrateLin, C.P.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.M.; Lin, C.H.; Su, W.C.-
-Intermetallic Compound Formation and Evolution in Solid-State Sn/Immersion-Ag/Cu Trilayer Interfacial Reactions on a Flexible Polymer BoardLin, C.P.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.M.-
-Metastability studies of syndiotactic polystyrene polymorphismHo, R.M.; Lin, C.P.; Tsai, H.Y.; Woo, E.M.-
-Micro-ball lens array modeling and fabrication using thermal reflow in two polymer layers楊錫杭; Yang, H.; Chao, C.K.; Lin, C.P.; Shen, S.C.-
-Microstructural evolution of the Au-20 wt.% Sn solder on the Cu substrate during reflowChung, H.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.M.; Lin, C.P.; Chen, C.J.-
-Morphological evolution of the reaction product at the Sn-9wt.%Zn/thin-film Cu interfaceChen, C.M.; 陳志銘; Chen, C.H.; Lin, C.P.; Su, W.C.-
-A new microlens array fabrication method using UV proximity printingLin, C.P.; 楊錫杭; Yang, H.S.; Chao, C.K.-
-Optimal design using thermal reflow and caulking for fabrication of gapless microlens array mold insertsHung, S.Y.; 楊錫杭; Lin, C.P.; Yang, H.H.; Chang, Y.P.-
-Predictive factors of gefitinib antitumor activity in East Asian advanced non-small cell lung cancer patientsChang, G.C.; Tsai, C.M.; Chen, K.C.; Yu, C.J.; Shih, J.Y.; Yang, T.Y.; Lin, C.P.; Hsu, J.Y.; Chiu, C.H.; Perng, R.P.; Yang, P.C.; Yang, C.H.-
-Reversal of inflammation-associated dihydrodiol dehydrogenases (AKR1C1 and AKR1C2) overexpression and drug resistance in nonsmall cell lung cancer cells by wogonin and chrysinWang, H.W.; 周寬基; Lin, C.P.; Chiu, J.H.; Chow, K.C.; Kuo, K.T.; Lin, C.S.; Wang, L.S.-
-The robust design for gapless microlens array fabrication using the incomplete developing and thermal reflow processHung, S.Y.; 楊錫杭; Chen, S.N.; Lin, C.P.; Yang, H.H.-
-Semi-ellipsoid microlens simulation and fabrication for enhancing optical fiber coupling efficiency楊錫杭; Hu, J.Y.; Lin, C.P.; Hung, S.Y.; Yang, H.H.; Chao, C.K.-
-Solid-state interfacial reactions at the solder joints employing Au/Pd/Ni and Au/Ni as the surface finish metallizationsLin, C.P.; Chen, C.M.-
-Survival outcome and predictors of gefitinib antitumor activity in East Asian chemonaive patients with advanced nonsmall cell lung cancerYang, C.H.; Shih, J.Y.; Chen, K.C.; Yu, C.J.; Yang, T.Y.; Lin, C.P.; Su, W.P.; Gow, C.H.; Hsu, C.; Chang, G.C.; Yang, P.C.-