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-Dispersion strengthening behavior of sigma phase in 304 modified stainless steels during 1073 K hot rollingHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Lin, D.Y.; Wu, W.-
-E4BP4 is a cardiac survival factor and essential for embryonic heart developmentWeng, Y.J.; 董光中; Hsieh, D.J.Y.; Kuo, W.W.; Lai, T.Y.; Hsu, H.H.; Tsai, C.H.; Tsai, F.J.; Lin, D.Y.; Lin, J.A.; Huang, C.Y.; Tung, K.C.-
-Elimination of phase separation in metalorganic chemical vapor deposition-grown GaInP epilayers by compositionally step-graded Ga1-xInxP multilayersTsai, Y.L.; Horng, R.H.; Liu, P.L.; Tseng, M.C.; Lin, D.Y.; Wuu, D.S.-
-High-efficiency InGaN-based light-emitting diodes with nanoporous GaN : Mg structureLin, C.F.; Zheng, J.H.; Yang, Z.J.; Dai, J.J.; Lin, D.Y.; Chang, C.Y.; Lai, Z.X.; Hong, C.S.-
-Mechanical and tribological properties of multilayered TiSiN/CrN coatings synthesized by a cathodic arc deposition processYang, S.M.; 吳威德; Chang, Y.Y.; Lin, D.Y.; Wang, D.Y.; Wu, W.-
-Microstructural Evolution and Examination of alpha'-Martensite during a Multi-Pass Dissimilar Stainless Steel GTAW ProcessHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Lin, D.Y.; Wu, W.-
-Microstructure characterization of multilayered TiSiN/CrN thin filmsYang, S.M.; 吳威德; Chang, Y.Y.; Lin, D.Y.; Wang, D.Y.; Wu, W.-
-Microstructure, recrystallization, and mechanical property evolutions in the heat-affected and fusion zones of the dissimilar stainless steelsHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Lin, D.Y.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.-
-Optical and structural characteristics of ZnO films grown on (0001) sapphire substrates by ALD using DEZn and N2OLin, P.Y.; 龔志榮; Gong, J.R.; Li, P.C.; Lin, T.Y.; Lyu, D.Y.; Lin, D.Y.; Lin, H.J.; Li, T.C.; Chang, K.J.; Lin, W.J.-
-Optical characterization of AlxGa1-xN/GaN high electron mobility transistor structuresLin, D.Y.; Wu, J.D.; Zheng, J.Y.; Lin, C.F.-
-Phase separation phenomenon in MOCVD-grown GaInP epitaxial layersTsai, Y.L.; 洪瑞華; Horng, R.H.; Tseng, M.C.; Kuo, C.H.; Liu, P.L.; Wuu, D.S.; Lin, D.Y.; 武東星; 劉柏良-
-Phase transformations of 24Cr-14Ni-0.7Si stainless steel under different aging conditionsHsieh, C.C.; Lin, D.Y.-
-Precipitation and strengthening behavior of massive delta-ferrite in dissimilar stainless steels during massive phase transformationHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Lin, D.Y.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.-
-Precipitation behavior of sigma phase in 19Cr-9Ni-2Mn and 18Cr-0.75Si stainless steels hot-rolled at 800 degrees C with various reduction ratiosHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Lin, D.Y.; Wu, W.T.-
-Precipitation behavior of sigma phase in fusion zone of dissimilar stainless steel welds during multi-pass GTAW processHsieh, C.C.; 吳威德; Chang, T.C.; Lin, D.Y.; Chen, M.C.; Wu, W.-
-Precipitation Examination of delta, sigma, and gamma Phases using Modified Cr/Ni Equivalent Ratios during the Multipass Welding of Stainless SteelsLin, D.Y.; Hsieh, C.C.-
-The profile of cardiac cytochrome c oxidase (COX) expression in an accelerated cardiac-hypertrophy modelKuo, W.W.; Chu, C.Y.; Wu, C.H.; Lin, J.A.; Liu, J.Y.; Ying, T.H.; Lee, S.D.; Hsieh, Y.H.; Chu, C.H.; Lin, D.Y.; Hsu, H.H.; Huang, C.Y.-
-Reflectance and photoluminescence studies of InGaN/GaN multiple-quantum-well structures embedded in an asymmetric microcavityLin, D.Y.; Shiu, J.J.; Lin, C.F.-
-Role of calcineurin in Porphyromonas gingivalis-induced myocardial cell hypertrophy and apoptosisLee, S.D.; Kuo, W.W.; Lin, D.Y.; Chen, T.H.; Kuo, W.H.; Hsu, H.H.; Chen, J.Z.; Liu, J.Y.; Yeh, Y.L.; Huang, C.Y.-
-Spectral response design of hydrogenated amorphous silicon p-i-n diodes for ambient light sensingTan, S.S.; Liu, C.Y.; Jiang, Y.L.; Lin, D.Y.; Hsu, K.Y.J.-