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-Biofiltration of butyl acetate by a trickle-bed air biofilterLu, C.; 盧重興; Chang, K.; Hsu, S.; Lin, J.-
-Effects of adlay species and rice flour ratio on the physicochemical properties and texture characteristic of adlay-based extrudatesYang, S.H.; 彭錦樵; Peng, J.; Lui, W.B.; Lin, J.-
-Effects of Glycerol and Ethylene-Acrylic Acid on Composition Optimization of PVOH/Starch-Blended Biodegradable Resin Using Response Surface MethodologyLi, Y.X.; 彭錦樵; Peng, J.; Lui, W.B.; Lin, J.-
-Ethical customer value creation: Drivers and barriersLin, G.T.R.; Lin, J.-
-Expression of the porcine circovirus type 2 capsid protein subunits and application to an indirect ELISAWu, P.C.; 黃千衿; Chien, M.S.; Tseng, Y.Y.; Lin, J.; Lin, W.L.; Yang, C.Y.; Huang, C.; 簡茂盛-
-The study of optimum operating conditions of extruded snack food with tomato powderHuang, R.C.; 彭錦樵; Peng, J.Y.; Lu, F.J.; Lui, W.B.; Lin, J.-