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-Applications of carbonic acid solution for developing conversion coatings on Mg alloyYu, B.L.; 汪俊延; Lin, J.K.; Uan, J.Y.-
-Beneficial effects of different tea flowers against human breast cancer MCF-7 cellsWay, T.D.; 李茂榮; Lin, H.Y.; Hua, K.T.; Lee, J.C.; Li, W.H.; Lee, M.R.; Shuang, C.H.; Lin, J.K.-
-Characterization of Mg,Al-hydrotalcite conversion film on Mg alloy and Cl- and CO32- anion-exchangeability of the film in a corrosive environmentLin, J.K.; 汪俊延; Hsia, C.L.; Uan, J.Y.-
-Direct growth of oriented Mg-Al layered double hydroxide film on Mg alloy in aqueous HCO3-/CO32- solutionUan, J.Y.; Lin, J.K.; Tung, Y.S.-
-Formation of Mg,Al-hydrotalcite conversion coating on Mg alloy in aqueous HCO3-/CO32- and corresponding protection against corrosion by the coatingLin, J.K.; Uan, J.Y.-
-Precipitate evolution in underaged Al-Mg-Si alloy during thermal cycling between 25 degrees C and 65 degrees CUan, J.Y.; 汪俊延; Cho, C.Y.; Chen, Z.M.; Lin, J.K.-
-Pu-erh Tea Attenuates Hyperlipogenesis and Induces Hepatoma Cells Growth Arrest through Activating AMP-Activated Protein Kinase (AMPK) in Human HepG2 CellsWay, T.D.; 李茂榮; Lin, H.Y.; Kuo, D.H.; Tsai, S.J.; Shieh, J.C.; Wu, J.C.; Lee, M.R.; Lin, J.K.-
-Surface coatings for improving the corrosion resistance and cell adhesion of AZ91D magnesium alloy through environmentally clean methodsUan, J.Y.; 汪俊延; Lin, J.K.; Sun, Y.S.; Yang, W.E.; Chen, L.K.; Huang, H.H.-