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-Biostabilization assessment of MSW co-disposed with MSWI fly ash in anaerobic bioreactorsLo, H.M.; 洪俊雄; Liu, M.H.; Pai, T.Y.; Liu, W.F.; Lin, C.Y.; Wang, S.C.; Banks, C.J.; Hung, C.H.; Chiang, C.F.; Lin, K.C.; Chen, P.H.; Chen, J.K.; Chiu, H.Y.; Su, M.H.; Kurniawan, T.A.; Wu, K.C.; Hsieh, C.Y.; Hsu, H.S.; 林昭遠-
-Canopy CO2 concentrations and Crassulacean acid metabolism in Hoya carnosa in a subtropical rain forest in Taiwan: consideration of CO2 avallability and the evolution of CAM in epiphytesHsu, C.C.; Lin, T.C.; Chiou, W.L.; Lin, S.H.; Lin, K.C.; Martin, C.E.-
-The closed form general solutions of 2-D curved laminated beams of variable curvaturesLin, K.C.; Hsieh, C.M.-
-Ecophysiological differences between sterile and fertile fronds of the subtropical epiphytic fern Pyrrosia lingua (Polypodiaceae) in TaiwanChiou, W.L.; Martin, C.E.; Lin, T.C.; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, S.H.; Lin, K.C.-
-Ecophysiology and plant size in a tropical epiphytic fern, Asplenium nidus, in TaiwanMartin, C.E.; Lin, T.C.; Hsu, C.C.; Lin, S.H.; Lin, K.C.; Hsia, Y.J.; Chiou, W.L.-
-Effect of surface pretreatments on the adherence of porcelain enamel to a type 316L stainless steelShieu, F.S.; 薛富盛; Deng, M.J.; Lin, K.C.; Wong, J.C.; Wu, J.Y.; 吳震裕-
-Effects of spiked metals on the MSW anaerobic digestionLo, H.M.; Chiang, C.F.; Tsao, H.C.; Pai, T.Y.; Liu, M.H.; Kurniawan, T.A.; Chao, K.P.; Liou, C.T.; Lin, K.C.; Chang, C.Y.; Wang, S.C.; Banks, C.J.; Lin, C.Y.; Liu, W.F.; Chen, P.H.; Chen, C.K.; Chiu, H.Y.; Wu, H.Y.; Chao, T.W.; Chen, Y.R.; Liou, D.W.; Lo,-
-An efficient and flexible algorithm for online mining of large itemsetsJea, K.F.; 賈坤芳; Chang, M.Y.; Lin, K.C.-
-Enhancement of fairness in a DiffServ network using a novel queuing algorithmHuang, Y.H.; 林冠成; Lin, K.C.; Kuo, C.Y.; Chen, C.H.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Finite deformation of 2-D laminated curved beams with variable curvaturesLin, K.C.; Lin, C.W.-
-Improving fairness in DiffServ networks using adaptive aggregate markersLin, K.C.; 林冠成; Huang, Y.H.; Tsai, C.S.; Chen, C.H.; Chu, Y.P.-
-Local allocation of end-to-end delay requirementChu, Y.P.; 林冠成; Hwang, E.H.; Lin, K.C.; Chen, C.H.-
-Macrophage Mediated Anti-Proliferation Effects of Anthodia camphorata Non-Polysaccharide Based Extracts on Human Hepatoma CellsChang, C.Y.; Cheng, T.J.; Chang, F.R.; Wang, H.Y.; Kan, W.C.; Li, S.L.; Huang, L.H.; Chen, Y.C.; Tsai, W.C.; Huang, C.H.; Cheng, C.H.; Lee, G.Y.; Shyue, S.W.; Chen, Y.P.; Lin, K.C.; Chuu, J.J.-
-Microstructure and adherence of porcelain enamel to low carbon steelShieu, F.S.; 薛富盛; Lin, K.C.; Wong, J.C.-
-Modeling biogas production from organic fraction of MSW co-digested with MSWI ashes in anaerobic bioreactorsLo, H.M.; 林昭遠; Kurniawan, T.A.; Sillanpaa, M.E.T.; Pai, T.Y.; Chiang, C.F.; Chao, K.P.; Liu, M.H.; Chuang, S.H.; Banks, C.J.; Wang, S.C.; Lin, K.C.; Lin, C.Y.; Liu, W.F.; Cheng, P.H.; Chen, C.K.; Chiu, H.Y.; Wu, H.Y.-
-Optimal admission control based on per-switch delay allocation for networks with a bounded delay serviceChu, Y.P.; 林冠成; Lin, K.C.-
-Prospective assessment of overactive bladder symptoms in women who have undergone transvaginal surgery for advanced vaginal wall prolapse: A preliminary reportChin, H.Y.; Chiang, C.H.; Lin, K.C.; Wang, C.J.; Lee, C.L.; Soong, Y.K.-
-Quality-of-service allocation for networks with bounded-delay serviceChu, Y.P.; 林冠成; Lin, K.C.-
-Rheology and colloidal structure of aqueous TiO2 nanoparticle suspensionsTseng, W.J.; 曾文甲; Lin, K.C.-